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our wedding plans are on hold !!!

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After searching the web all evening for a new venue i finally made it to bed at 2.30 this morning.True to her word Fairlie emailed me with some positive news.There is another property that sleeps 14 our exact number that for september is £2,500 500 cheaper than the original.It is 5 mins closer to the club house but the only downside is its one big villa so no escaping the family for a week!!!!We are now waiting for her to come back to us she is going to explain that we were badly let down and hope he agrees to allowing us the september rate.If he dosent we are screwed so fingers crossed.As far as the club goes we are not to worried about it closing 2 days before we leave.We have a pool and will hire cars so we can tour the island on these days or spend our days doing different things if we wish.I am no good at pasting the website but if you girlies want to check it out if you put in the search engine The Peligoni Club Zante it will take you there.The house we were looking at was Stouvega the new one is Askalia with the wedding taking place at the club.I just hope it all works out.Thankyou all for your support.I would love your opinions xx oh she also said he is building a new property in the grounds that will sleep 6/8 so if we were to get some late bookers we can book more

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