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I am so confused. I had my BD shoot and have been working with my photog (she's an "amateur") with the touch-up & airbrushing - - she has now given me all my pics and I need to get the book made. I have seen several sites online where you can design a book... I am leaning towards one like shutterfly.com but just don't know?


Any help? Has anyone had their own made or did you all do them through your photog?


My photog suggested walking into a Ritz camera or Wolf camera and desiging it "in store".




TIA! 26 days til we leave for Jamaica too...so I am a little stressed!!



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Shutterfly and Mypublisher seem to be the favorites -- both are reasonably priced and pretty good quality. I was in a time crunch and did mine through shutterfly and DH loved it!


Now if you want something of better quality, BDW member Sarah does amazing albums. There have been plenty of BDW girls who've used her and she always gets rave reviews. Here's her link: Sproullie Designs - Home


Hope that helps wink.gif

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