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So furious - must vent or explode!

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omg that is sooo cheeky.you need to get your fi to tell her not to do that again its not fare.like you say it is the respect thing.


apart from that i take it your fi is really good at football if he came to england playing too?

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you girls are the best


Thanks for all the support.


She came over the next day with her tail between her legs and changed the sheets - left them in the laundry sink insted of putting them straight in the wash - but have to be happy with little victories.


FI chewed her out about all of it, and told her that we wont have someone disrespectful in our bridal party. She swears she has learnt her lesson and will never do it again. She is still in the bridal party at this stage, but on probation i guess :) She has also given back the keys to our house, and said that she hopes to earn our trust back - so at least she is saying all the right things - whether she means it or not is a completely different matter!


You guys were definately right - it had to come from FI - and I'm pretty happy with the result.


We all went out for dinner last night for FMIL's 50th birthday, and I was civil, it will be a long time before we will be buddy-buddy again - but I do have to keep in mind how close she is to my FI - she really does adore her brother and I think she will be very upset that he told her off, they were over it last night, and im glad about that...


I do have niggling doubts - someone who always puts themselves and what they want first, will probably always be like that...

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