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pineapple princess

ALMOST a cruise bride!!

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GIRLS!!! this weekend fi and i decided that we want to have a cruise wedding (ish)!!!!


not sure if it going to work out, but at least we narrowed it down so i can sorta focus. I originally picked princess cruise lines because it had a chapel and i was hoping my priest could come aboard and marry us on embarkation day. I read that princess has catholic and jewish ceremonies on their ships when the cruise falls over a holiday - so i am hoping that means that it meets the catholic requirements of a church. but i am sooooo NOT holding my breath on that one!! hahahhhahahaah. but if it somehow works out that would be awesome!


another option - we will get married in the fort lauderdale area before the cruise. i found this catholic church which is about 30 miles away from the ft. lauderdale cruise port. they actually have me penciled in for feb 13, 2010 - to be confirmed with the priest of course- but i really really wanted to get married on feb 14, 2009. first off - hello, valentines days, and second, the cruise i was looking into leaves that day so it would save on another night of hotel.


third option - married in st. thomas. of course, i will have to find a catholic church there, so we will see. :)


i have a feeling that option 2 (ft lauderdale area) will be the one that works out. this way - since the cruise part is technically optional, i won't feel so bad. people can just come down for the wedding, and opt out of the cruise.


but then i won't technically be a cruise bride, but an ALMOST cruise bride. lol.


it took a lot of searching this board and reading posts to realize that my actual ceremony does not have to be beachside, i just want great pics and a fun wedding!! As long as i get to have a TTD session on some georgeous island i think i will have that.

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I understand what you're going through! It's a hard decision. When I'd thought I was getting married in St. Thomas I chose to go with Janelle of Island Bliss Weddings. If you are still looking into St. Thomas or around there - I have some great sites for you to take a look at:


Island Bliss Weddings


Virgin Island Perfect Beach Wedding


Oh and the best photographer!! (He does TTD sessions too!) both below are his sites.




Good luck with your planning!

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