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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart I think I am about to order my dress from Duosheng, I've been looking for like 6 months and nothing ever looks right but I guess I'll just go with my gut and do it Ive found my dream dress on this website so if you do order from them, let me know how it turns out!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 Have you tried La Sposa? They have beautiful lace and ruffle details. I second this! I found a dress that i LOVE from this designer! Its light and has ruffles and beading, very different and thats what i love lol. http://www.duosheng.cn/shangweb/xihun/Lambel.html
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by future_mrs2010 I think it is a pretty neat idea! I went searching online and found this other website that sells the hour glasses. Hope it helps! T & K Young Hourglasses Online: Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding I saw this site too but their prices is out of this world lmao!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Hoopchic Hi Peachy~Girl We ordered an hourglass for our sand ceremony just over 5 weeks ago. . unfortunately they were very quick to take the money via paypal (that same night) however the customer service is very bad. For every 3 e-mails we send we are lucky to get 1 response and we have made 3 phone calls and have gotten no return phone calls. We leave for our destination wedding on Nov. 11 and have no idea when the hourglass will be ready. . .let alone will even be shipped!!!! I will give you and update next week to let you know if we even get it. You would think with the amount of money you pay for an hourglass they would have good customer service!!!! We are starting to worry that it might not even be a legit company. Congrats on your engagement!! Wow thanks!!! Yeah those hourglass cost too much not to be able to get in contact with them. I still love the idea so I guess I need to start looking for another hourglass provider! Thanks again!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jananaz Hey Courtney, I totally recommend Gianinarbridal from ebay. You can email them directly. I got my dress custom made from them and was not expecting good results. In fact, I had a backup dress just in case. But when the dress arrived in the mail, it was amazing! I put it on and went screaming around the house bc it was exactly what I wanted. I think the cost was $200ish including shipping. There was a lot of beading and details that I didn't think they'd be able to do well, but it turned out beautiful. I just sent them a few pictures and they put the dress together for me, then sent me a picture of the final dress. I asked for the bottom to be taken in to give a more mermaid cut... they did that and then mailed it. The whole process took about 2 months. This is the ebay seller that Im looking into, ive heard good stuff and their feedback is nice. They dont have the pic of the dress I want so I will send them a pic and get a quote.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by DEH83 I love them both! It sounds like we're going for the same thing. I also have an asymmetrical short bob, and i've ordered my birdcage veil from Velvetowl on Etsy.com (the maker of the first piece you have there). Mine has been custom made, and she's been great to work with. Here's a link to what it looks like, without the veil. The veil is detachable and is a small one that will brush just over one eye. Mine's in the mail - I can't wait to receive it!! balance RESERVED FOR DIANE Custom orchid fascinator by velvetowl I love the birdcage for short hair lengths. It's so glam! I LOVE Diane's veils! I just wanna order my dress b4 I order the veil lol
  7. Well we plan on getting married in Florida the day before our cruise leaves. Theres alot of companies that will marry you. I want a beach wedding so thats what we plan on doing. I want to just do it with us and our kids, but he wants parents and siblings. I think I might win the battle and just do a At home reception since none of our family live where we live, it will take place in our hometown.
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