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    Have you exercised today?

    poohshek, There are quite a few gyms close by...I was trying to figure out what the best use of my 1 hour would be whether it was circuit training, aerobics classes or something else..and you've explained what you do below and that's the sort of thing I was thinking about. Thanks for the info!
  2. mrsgtobe

    Carnival Cruise Brides?

    I'm taking a cruise to get married but getting married on the island instead of the ship...although the ship's package was great, the price compared to a package on the beach through a WC was almost $1000 less for me
  3. I found a dress on here a couple of months ago that I wanted but got scared and backed out....went out and found my 2 dresses the old fashioned way! Now I know I should've given it a try...oh well! LOL
  4. mrsgtobe

    Thank you amazing BDW Friends!!!!!!

    Aww what wonderful women! And get well soon!!
  5. mrsgtobe

    Have you exercised today?

    Need inspiration and motivation! Can anyone tell me what the best choice is for a lunchtime workout?
  6. mrsgtobe

    6 pm ceremony

    6:00 is perfect...do what makes you happy!
  7. mrsgtobe

    Tipping etiquette

    Great post! This is so helpful!!
  8. mrsgtobe

    Anyone taken a photographer on cruise?

    I thought about taking my own photographer but I'm afraid we'd do something to cause us to break a rule and get removed from the ship...lol I'm a picture-a-holic. hehe
  9. mrsgtobe

    Best way to send retainer fee????

    That's a great question!
  10. mrsgtobe

    Need a "do-it-all" vendor in Florida!

    I have some contacts for wedding vendors in the Siesta Key area....I've used them both and they're fantastic! Tammy Gamso for hair and makeup Tibor Imely for photographer If you use a vendor that can take care of everything that's great...and ask for quotes for these 2 vendors as well...they just do some fantastic work.