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  1. poohshek, There are quite a few gyms close by...I was trying to figure out what the best use of my 1 hour would be whether it was circuit training, aerobics classes or something else..and you've explained what you do below and that's the sort of thing I was thinking about. Thanks for the info!
  2. I'm taking a cruise to get married but getting married on the island instead of the ship...although the ship's package was great, the price compared to a package on the beach through a WC was almost $1000 less for me
  3. I found a dress on here a couple of months ago that I wanted but got scared and backed out....went out and found my 2 dresses the old fashioned way! Now I know I should've given it a try...oh well! LOL
  4. Aww what wonderful women! And get well soon!!
  5. Need inspiration and motivation! Can anyone tell me what the best choice is for a lunchtime workout?
  6. 6:00 is perfect...do what makes you happy!
  7. I thought about taking my own photographer but I'm afraid we'd do something to cause us to break a rule and get removed from the ship...lol I'm a picture-a-holic. hehe
  8. I have some contacts for wedding vendors in the Siesta Key area....I've used them both and they're fantastic! Tammy Gamso for hair and makeup Tibor Imely for photographer If you use a vendor that can take care of everything that's great...and ask for quotes for these 2 vendors as well...they just do some fantastic work.
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