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Mystic Mountain - Ocho Rios, Jamaica Attraction Review

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Mystic mountain- Ocho Rios Jamaica


Stomach turning knots form when I think of heights- yup, Iâ€m not a fan of them, at all. And Mystic Mountain, was all about attractions that utilized gravity or defied it from on top of a mountain.


But on my recent stay at Royal Plantation we were offered the opportunity to visit Mystic Mountain, the newest attraction in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

The lure of seeing the rain forest, the interesting concept of bobsledding down a mountain in tropical Jamaica intrigued me enough so that I went. Boy am I glad I did! Located just 5 minutes from town, Mystic Mountain really lives up to the hype!


To get to the top of the mountain we rode the RainForest Sky Explorer – basically a ski lift up & over the mountain. The views are spectacular. To the left you look over the ocean and port in Ocho Rios, and to the right you gaze on the lush St. Ann mountains. Arriving at the top youâ€ll get to read about and see memorabilia of Jamaicaâ€s top athletes, enjoy lunch at the restaurant, take in views from the lookout tower and enjoy the waterslide and infinity pool. Donâ€t forget your swim suit!


But then the real rush begins- the BobSled. As you stand in the line and hear the occasional shriek and scream you start to second guess yourself. Is this really what I should be doing? I have clients that count on me and if I die......Before you know it your being strapped into your individual Bobsled and getting braking instructions. If youâ€re a speed junkie ask for a push to get started and then hang on! Better than a roller coaster, you glide along the stainless steel rails, rushing around corners and bends controlling your own speed as you hurtle down the mountain through the rainforest. Absolutely exhilarating!


As you come back to the top of the mountain you canâ€t wait to go again and again!


The next great rush is the Zipline. Remember that fear of heights I have ? Well, after the adrenaline was pumping through me from the Bobsled I found myself being harnessed up. Being led to the first platform I kept asking myself what in the world was I doing!? The first guide provided our instructions and off he went – hands free, head thrown back, all caution to the wind! The second guide hooked us up to the zip and off we went! The initial zip was a bit petrifying, it was long, fast and the guides did the breaking for you, but the view- amazing! One by one we conquered each of the 5 zip lines till the “surprise†ending. A straight 10 metre, free fall drop to the bottom of the tree!


After you stop shaking, you then traverse a suspension bridge to the Sky Explorer that will take you back down the mountain and concludes your day. Located just below the tree line the return SkyExplorer offers a close up view of the flora & fauna of the rainforest. The perfect way to end a fantastic experience. Mystic Mountain is a definite must do in Jamaica!



View my pics here!

SandNSun : photos : Mystic Mountain- Jamaica- powered by SmugMug

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Ok, so can you do the ziplining part without the bobsledding? I'm not afraid of heights as much as the feeling of going downhill! We just took the motorcycle up to the top of Mt Washington and I was fine on the way up - it was the way down that freaked me out!

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