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    My Flowers

    Gorgeous! See you on the beach in a few weeks...you still at ROR on 9/12 right? We are the noon wedding!! Getting so excited!! What did you decide to do about flower petals...are you taking your own or purchasing on site?
  2. bradleysgirl

    Flower petals

    Silly question...I am 16 days out and didn't even think about the cost of petals. Can you throw the WalMart petals outside--I am assuming they are plastic?
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I am so excited about Mystic Mountain but have a great fear of heights. Glad to know it's doable!!!
  4. Hello ladies! It looks like you will be arrived while I am getting married. I will have been through the whole event when you get there. If you have any questions--look me up. My fiance and his family are die hard PA Eagles fans. You should be able to find us. We're the Dickerson-Smith (soon-to-be Smith) family. Happy planning & here's to fantastic weather and safe travel for all!!
  5. bradleysgirl

    ROR Plantation restaurant reception??

    We were quoted $500 for 2 hours and $1000 for 4 hours for a private reception. We may be forced to go this route as it is required when you have over 50 guests. However, our numbers are only at 46 today (and growing). From all the past posts it appears that the semi-private is truly a private event. Of course, many brides have enjoyed the private reception and pool-side private receptions as well. I think it all comes down to your personality and dream.
  6. bradleysgirl

    ROR Reception Music

    My travel agent just spoke with Chandlyn today and she said they they do have an iPod docking station that brides can use. My concern is that another bride might request it and I travel without one thinking I can use the one at the resort. I am considering taking our own as a back-up. Has anyone else had this issue? I have also read in prior posts that the music is very hard to hear at the ceremony and that you should upgrade to a microphone if you plan to play your music on an iPod. Any advise in this area is appreciated, also. We leave in 16 days--where did the time go?
  7. bradleysgirl

    Does anyone know?

    This is a fantastic idea--another "to do" to add to my list!! Thanks for posting!
  8. bradleysgirl

    Back from Wedding at ROR - Now a Mrs. Yay!

    Thank you for the great (and recent) review. I leave in 16 days. One question for you. Did you show a picture of the flowers you wanted when you arrived or did you just give them a color theme? I am not picky--I just want a tropical bright bouquet but I am wondering if I need to be more specific or arrive with a picture. Thank you again for posting the pics--you were a beautiful bride!!
  9. bradleysgirl

    September 2009 Brides!

    Congratulations to all the soon-to-be wives!! I am getting so excited and the list keeps getting longer. Here's wishing you each safe travel, perfect weather and a relaxing, enjoyable wedding!!!
  10. bradleysgirl

    I miss ROR reviews!

    I am at the 75 day mark and have started to re-read the older reviews. I need new info too! Haha!
  11. bradleysgirl

    Elisha's May 8th ROR Wedding Review/Pics!!

    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing!! I too just want the natural beauty of the beach so it was very nice to see the simple pictures you posted. I couldn't picture it. Some have had such gorgeous flowers...but your review convinced me that my first thoughts would be the best for me. And congrats on the baby news!!
  12. Thanks for posting these helpful phrases. We went the quirky route. We recently cancelled all our traditional wedding plans in our home town and booked a destination wedding...still inviting all 300+ guests. I have always wanted to get married on the beach and my wonderful FI and his amazing family finally saw my sadness with a mid-west wedding/reception so they called the travel agent for me as a surprise. Our STD say "We're running away to get married! Please follow us." and our website welcome says "We chose flip flops over high heels (I must admit I got that phrase from a wonderful bride who shared her website on BDW)." Hope this helps those who want to add some humor to the invities.
  13. I used The Knot's free website. The Knot also has a free guest organization package that allows you to keep track of RSVP, inviations mailed, gifts received, thank you cards sent, etc. I looked at their upgrade package for $50/year and think the free site at TheKnot.com is just as good. If you want to view my website send me a PM and I will send you the link and password. Good luck! I don't think you can go wrong. Most companies really knkow what they are doing with the wedding websites now.
  14. bradleysgirl

    ROR review 1/5/09 *long w/ pics

    Hi Becky! Thank you for all this information. I have viewed your website once and it was fabulous. I am trying to access it again for more ideas and it is asking me for a login password. I didn't need it the first time. Help!! Thanks again...I love looking at your pictures and your review. This is so helpful. Happy Marriage!!
  15. bradleysgirl

    Just Married at ROR: Wedding Review

    Thank you for all the information and for the candid advice that it is okay if it rains...I keep trying to predict a day that will not rain. That is funny just typing it. So my question is about the minister that you brought with you. We want my brother in law to perform our ceremony. Our TA said she would look into that for us. Was there any special documentation or pre-planning that you had to do in order to legalize the ceremony? Thank you for any recommendations! And congratulations on a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage.