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  1. Congrats and thanks for writing the review!!
  2. Quietstorm

    Isaidyes's ROR Review

    Congrats and thanks for taking the time to write a review!!!
  3. Quietstorm

    RIU Ocho Rios Extra Long Wedding Review

    Thanks for taking the time to write a review!!
  4. Congradulations! And thank you for a great review..Did you use the photographer at ROR, if so how did you find them?
  5. Congrats. Seem you had a good time
  6. Quietstorm

    Karla's Planning Thread!!!

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Nice way to start the New Year
  7. Quietstorm

    Snow storm about to hit nyc

    I can't wait for the snow. I went to the gym and food shopping already. Snow means less cars on the rode and no lines at stores. I love to drive in the snow. I get more stuff done when it snows This should be a fun snow weekend. I can't wait for it to start already!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva Congrats on finding the dress!!! One major task done... Thanks a lot. Finding the dress was easier then finding silk flowers NY. For some strange I can't find silk flowers here. I found some online, but I like to actual see it before I buy it.
  9. Quietstorm

    New Yorkers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by IrishgirlinNY Hi! Your date is exactly a year before mine at the same place! It is so exciting! And we are neighbors! We choose that date since it's memorial weekend. That gives our guest a day off they have to go back to work.
  10. Quietstorm

    New Yorkers?

    I'm from Queens NY. Getting married at ROR. We thought about getting married here in NY, but realized it would be way too expensive for us. We're not trying to start married life in debt.
  11. Hey Ladies, I finally ended getting my dress at David Bridal in Westbury. I'm trying to keep my dress a secret from my DH, so I'm paying for here and having my mom who lives in VA, pick it up down there and hold onto it.
  12. Congratulations. Can't wait for the review!!!
  13. Quietstorm

    my mother is driving me CRAZY

    Tell her she can be there in 2015, when you renew your vows!!!!