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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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Enclosed you will  find the information. About the fantasy island. We make this special decoration next to Seaside Restaurant,  close to the  pool.


The price is $ 3000 usd +11% tax  



6 Round tables.

Tiffany chairs for 60 people.

6 centerpieces like the photo.

6 Special overlays.


Cold Fireworks.

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I'm getting pretty frustrated with the resort... its hard to communicate with them and just get basic information... maybe you guys can help me with some questions.

they finally just emailed me the "questionnaire" for our wedding and also Anel contacted me directly for photography, which is good.


how many guests per table? trying to figure out how many centerpieces and table cloths etc I'm going to need.


anyone going with their dj or just doing your own thing for music and renting their sound setup?


they ask me to provide 3 songs for the ceremony... any suggestions?


looking for suggestions on websites for... rose petals, chair bows, FABRIC FOR THE GAZEBO (their prices are nuts for that)


location for the cocktail hour? they ask this but give no options.


they say basic round or square 1 tier wedding cake... yet send no pics... is it really that basic? should i look into an outside vendor?



as i think of more ill post as they pop up




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It depends on what package you get - I think the 2nd and 3rd most expensive include it




http://www.dreamsresorts.com/drerc/plan-your-wedding.html  - click wedding guide

Originally Posted by Amanda Kirby View Post

Do ya'll know if the white drapery on the bamboo arch Ive seen in pics is included for free. I know I can add colored material to it but didnt know if they provide the white.




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Does anyone have the powerpoint presentation with available set ups for the beach ceremony??? I've seen the one for the gazebo but were getting married on north beach.


Also does anyone know if there are any other special packages other than the "fantasy island"?? I love the idea of this but we've got 100+ people booked already so its not feasible...



thanks ladies!! you all make this so much easier!

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I as well would like it someone could post the beach options.  I wasn't aware that there were beach site options!  Does anyone have the different spots on the beach where ceremonies are preformed?  Also can anyone tell me if the bamboo arch is included in the Ultimate package?



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Y'know, I think you can.....I think they sell real rose petals. I was offering the site that I found because I want blue.....and when I told them that, they didn't have blue and I needed to find something biodegradable and lucked up on royal blue flower petals and fuschia ones as well.  I'm so thrilled I could do a pantyless cartwheel!

Originally Posted by jkhowell View Post

So I didn't know you couldn't use reguler rose petals there because I saw on their a la carte decorations list" a bag of rose" as one of the extras you could purchase so I assumedit was acceptable and you could just get those for the aisle. Ill have to ask that.
Also, Dovi- you have to contact the photographer on your own. I had to ask Yamina the same thing and she gave me their email.
Is anyone else worried about the possibilty of the bottles of goodies your bringing down for the OOT bags exploading or leaking from the flight ?? For example like travel size sunscreens/ aloe/lotion...I have them all in a goodies bag and I would hate for something to leak and ruin everything else in the Clear bags.


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