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  1. What The HEYYYELL!? LOL I haven't stopped by this thread in a while but I see DRC has made some enhancements with this fantasy island setup.. crazy!
  2. Hey Latinive, Congrats! - it looks like it all worked out for you! Great photos! I agree with your legal part at home and symbolic there. We did the same thing and feel the same way. Symbolically getting married in front of friends and family is far more meaningful. Handling the paperwork/legality here makes much more sense. Less cost, less hassle and no blood test! lol Don't stick me with a needle in Mexico! One thing that should be noted to all future brides is that even in the symbolic ceremony (the one Dreams provides) there was a certificate that they had us sign.. which looks like a real certificate - it was a surprise to both of us - but I guess that gives the impression that there is some legal power behind it. A few people who knew we weren't doing the legal part there thought it was kind of funny and everyone else had no clue. See me here signing my life away
  3. I also made a Video Slideshow using iMovie - in case you guys wanna see more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qngz0PDvuc
  4. Hi Sarah, I paid a couple hundred dollars (I think... as my memory is fading) for the gazebo decor.. Originally I wanted to have one solid color on all 4 sides of the gazebo (arches) - but the price came back like $500 or so dollars - so I asked if they could just do the front side and twist up the 2 colors (puriple/white) and they did it. As for those small bows - I didnt ask for that or choose that color they just put them there.. I didn't know there would be bows but I just rolled with it. After the ceremony they took it down and re-used it for the entry way for the reception which I had no idea they were going to do. As seen here For the ceremony table we used one of the centerpieces that were going to go to the reception afterwards - Part of the package included the ceremony flowers and also one for the bride and groom table - we chose this style for the ceremony table and our table and simply had them make a few more of these for the other tables - For the extras they charged an arm and leg - I want to say something like 180 each extra (I know right - get the vase, throw some flowers and water in it) - but they also laid down petals and stuff on the table. We really liked this style but didnt have any interest in trying to bring down these glass vases - worried that they could break - so in this case - I paid for the convenience. One very important thing I should say to all the future brides is that in this type of destination wedding situation you kind of have to roll with the odd "misses" that occur and roll with the punches - Expect to pay more - they pull it all together in one day and some things may not play out exactly how you want. When the show starts - that's it - you will be on cloud 9 and all the small details go away. I hope that helps.... ALSO for anyone who wants to ask me any question please PM me because I am not paying such close attention to this thread and questions for me might get missed.
  5. Just to add to my review I also made this video slideshow in iMovie using my photos from La Luna - this is so much better than a videographer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qngz0PDvuc
  6. Hi GCR, Yes I tipped Jorge and Gina 100 bucks each... and all of the other staff members/servers $20 - I also tipped our fire dancers $100 split 4 ways ... adds up
  7. Congrats Latinive! The Mayan gods knew you were getting married and they made some adjustments... I just looked at the live web cam... Is this your wedding getting setup? I know it will all go well!
  8. Thanks Jamie! It's the least I can do for this community who gave me so much...
  9. Hi CKNMVS - Thanks! Dreams provided these... and they weren't cheap - as you can see in the slides we used the one centerpiece provided with the package for the ceremony table at the gazebo which was then moved to the reception - the additional centerpieces to match were something like $120 (I think) each - We were considering trying to bring down our own but the idea of bringing these giant glass pieces down with us just seemed to be too much of a pain considering we already 2 extra baggage for all the other stuff.. In this case I paid for the convenience and risking breaking them. We did try and look for clear plastic ones to bring down but couldn't find any that really looked like glass.
  10. @ tkb08 - Thank You - I designed the logo from some artwork I have seen on photostock - I am a graphic designer so it was easy for me to "borrow" the line art but the fonts, little symbols and layout all came from me. I paid $2500 for La Luna - Not including the extra cost (approx 80 for their day pass x 2 + $50 x 2 tip - split between the 2 photographers) - I would budget $2800 total @jkhowell - Thank you too! See answer to La Luna above - the small sand ceremony was provided by Dreams - when we returned to our room at the end of our night the small sand filled vase was on our coffee table with a bottle of champagne. I am assuming they have all the colors you want - just let them know ahead of time.. So no need to bring down your own unless you want a bigger sand ceremony.
  11. $900 is steep and one thing that makes it even more challenging that you have to bring them down.. even folded and compressed shirts get real heavy and take a lot of space. I would look at vista prints offerings - maybe visors or hats might be clever
  12. I had the T-Shirts made at Vistaprint.com - which is the only T-Shirt production business that I could find that does "Direct Print to Garment" - which means they have printers (similar to an inkjet you have at home) that push T-shirts through the printer instead of paper. We almost went down the route of creating iron on transfers but I just didn't like the results of the transfer especially after a few washes the invisible clear area begins to turn yellow. They had some deals going on whereas I was able to bring down the cost of each shirt to around 10 dollars each. That is for only printing on the chest 5" x 5" - If you check their website under specials (http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/my_sales.aspx?xnav=top) they might be offering this or other deals that might be fun. I did end up spending about $200+ dollars on the T-Shirts but that was one of the things me and wifey wanted to do. SInce our people were coming so far and spending so much we wanted to spoil them as much as possible. As for the graphic design - I am a designer myself so I saved a lot of money there creating our own logo. I use to design T-Shirts way back in the day when I was in my fraternity so I kind of have a passion for it.
  13. Thanks JQLong! Im so Casper! I go from white to red to peel.. Meanwhile my brothers seem to maintain a nice shade of tan year round... genetics?! what can I say Hit me up anytime congrats to you both!
  14. Thank you Ahollo! I will put you on the invite list when we renew our vows
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