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  1. Our day was May 3rd, 2013. Everything went perfect and was right on the beach. We had the light up dance floor which made a huge difference! It was the perfect day in every way!!
  2. Hello all- I just heard from the resort and I am set to have Rodrigo for my Dj and tech. Has anyone heard of Rodrigo and/or have experienced him at a previous wedding? I am not sure I have heard anything about him...good or bad!! Im nervous! Less than 5 months away and I feel like there is still so much to do! I choose destination wedding because I thought the planning would be simple!
  3. Could you please clarify when you say that the DJ for the ceremony isnt extra. I was told it is 300 per hour, which seems a bit pricy!
  4. Could I also bother you for an email! Krj66@wildcats.unh.edu! Thanks Im sure this will be helpful!! Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings Locations[1].pdf Dreams_Wedding_Timeline[1].pdf WEDDING%20PLANNER%20FORM[1].docx
  5. What are your prices...my wedding is the first week of May and I can share my prices with you.
  6. Can anyone forward me flower color options...I have an email with bouquet options and center pieces but not for the flowers on the beach arch. I am also wondering if any of these options came in other colors. I really love the coral color and wanted to have dresses in that color but all I see are orange flowers and I am not sure how that would look. I want to keep it bright and tropical! HELP!!!
  7. I am also getting married May 2013 and my travel agent told me the same. I told her that I wasn't comfortable with that and she got in touch with the wedding coordinator who answered some of my questions. I have noticed that I have had to be a little pushy throughout this experience so far.
  8. My wedding is now less than a year away and I don't have a clue what I should be doing for it!! I am sure I should be doing something but I am totally lost! Any ideas from brides who have been in this position?
  9. Hey Ladies! Im getting married at DRC next year and I had some questions for the brides! 1. I am interested in having a party after the ceremony and not the formal sit down dinner. My family are more cocktails and apps then they are formal sit down. Does anyone know if you can trade in the dinner for one of the packages and extend it to cocktails and apps? 2. My wedding date is May 3, 2013 and I was wondering what time of day is best to married on the beach. My TA told me the wedding coordinator says 5 pm but I was thinking that was a little late? 3. I am having such a hard time choosing from the flowers they have and colors for my wedding...any suggestions? HELP!!! Thanks! Kara
  10. I met with my travel agent and I am officially a DRC bride for May 3rd 2013!! Very close dates!
  11. I as well would like it someone could post the beach options. I wasn't aware that there were beach site options! Does anyone have the different spots on the beach where ceremonies are preformed? Also can anyone tell me if the bamboo arch is included in the Ultimate package? Thanks!!
  12. Hello all! I officially booked my wedding at DRC and wanted to ask a couple questions. I am planning a group of around 40... I wanted to opt out of a sit down dinner and just have a few hours of cocktails, appetizers, and music. I was going to get the Ultimate package and see if I could trade in the dinner for a longer cocktail hour. Has any bride done this? Also, how can you get images of the flowers they offer. I am having a hard time picking colors for invitations etc. without seeing any options!! Any information would be very helpful!! I feel very lost in this whole experience. Thanks!!
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