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  1. Hey, Im pretty sure I saw you too. I think Anel was doing your pictures on the stairs. Did you have hot pink flowers? If so your dress was gorgeous! We lucked out on good weather for our ceremonies. It was perfect. We ate at Portofino for our reception. Dreams was amazing. I hope yall had a great time. Originally Posted by Ariane1126 Hi Amanda, i thought i saw you when we were down there we were at the restaurant when you were doing your reception! I wanted to say hi, but wasnt sure if it was you!
  2. Tiny, We did the free wedding by staying 7 nights in the Preferred Club Ocean View so it made the whole trip even better. I think the pictures cost as much as the wedding would have and thats all we paid for. We just went to dinner right at 6 as a group and had Yamina bring the cake there so we didnt have to pay extra. My sister braided my hair and I did the rest. Thank you for the kind words.
  3. Thank you so much. I brought my own stuff for sand ceremony. The blue sand is from Michaels, the white sand from the beach and I found the little bottles with corks at Hobby Lobby. They were much smaller and lighter than the kits I saw so it was better for packing. I did my own hair and makeup, (my sister did the braid). For the Preferred Club Im not sure how much extra, we booked through CheapCaribbean, maybe $150 for the week??
  4. Im pretty sure the bamboo arch is included in the wedding packages. The white drapery is also included. It costs extra to decorate it but I brought my own stuff.
  5. No problem, Im glad to help. We just had 6 total. Nothing compared to 18, so paying to block off El Patio would be good. I just paid for the 1hr photography and ended up paying another $150 to get an extra 10 pictures. We have a Canon rebel T3 camera so we took pictures with that during the reception time and they looked just as good.
  6. We just went to a restaurant as well. There is an extra fee if you want to have a part of restaurant blocked but I was like no we just want to go eat dinner like we would normally. Yamina said they dont normally do that but it was no big deal. They ended up sitting us in these big king/queen chairs and we also had them bring the cake there. By the way the cake for 10 people is tiny and we ordered marble and I didnt care for it. El Patio was my favorite and second Oceana. El Patio is a fun atmosphere and will be good for a reception. Oceana had the best steak! I dont mind answering questions at all. Im sad our trip is over. Id love to do it all over again.
  7. Here is my slideshow. I assumed she'd take out all the pics of us we didnt like and make a new slideshow with the pictures we chose but she didnt. These are the pictures she picked. I did email her about it and I hope she sends a new slideshow. http://web.mac.com/vallarta_adventure2/SlideshowsDRERC/ALFORDWED/
  8. Well you get access to food all day long. We ate breakfast in there almost everyday and they have sandwiches and cakes, cookies, ect. You have your own bar with premium liquor like Grey Goose. We always went there for drinks when we were walking by and at night it was nice because the lobby bar is so crowded and took forever to get drinks. There is also computers just for preferred club. Just having your own bar was worth it to me. My family booked regular ocean view room and ended up with a great view and we snuck them into preferred club so they could drink there with us. I wont be doing a full review since I had such a small wedding and only had the ceremony to worry about but Ill answer any questions and I will post my slideshow.
  9. Hey ladies. I just got back from Dreams last night. This place was amazing! I did not want to leave. We got lucky and had great weather on our Wedding day but I saw several weddings be put up and then taken down because of rain and wind. It only did that two days but every day the weather was different. Make sure to go with The Preferred Club. Its the only way to go. I had Anel for pictures and the pictures were good but I think I was expecting them to blow my mind and they didnt so I was pretty disappointed. They have so many weddings everyday, I just felt rushed. As soon as we were done they were setting up for the next wedding. Other than those little things Dreams was the best place Ive ever been.
  10. We are leaving next Wednesday. Maybe we will run into ya'll! Im so excited for this Wedding/Honeymoon!!
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