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Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner

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Hello again,


Now I have a question regarding Rehearsal/Welcome Dinners. I am planning on inviting all my guests (about 60) to a Welcome Dinner the night before my wedding. I am trying to find a restaurant that can serve appetizers, give a choice of at least 2 entrees, a dessert and open bar for 3 hours for about $50 per person. Does anyone know of a nice place that can do all that?


I have been emailing back and forth with Don Emiliano's, La Panga & La Bodaga. All seem to be a bit over my budget. I may have to down grade to a buffet, but wanted to check here before I do that.


I'll be in Cabo this June 30th - July 3rd and will be available to check out any restaurant suggestions you have.


Thanks for your help,

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I had my rehearsal dinner at Damiana in SJD and can't say enough good things about it. The food was EXCELLENT. My guests raved. The outdoor patio and lit trees/flowers were gorgeous. Fans alleviate heat.


See attachment for prices and the menu we chose.


Hereâ€s my review of Damiana


We met with Luis Klein and Roberto Jauregui (2 of the 3 owners) on the Wednesday afternoon before our wedding while we ate lunch (the BEST seafood enchiladas Iâ€ve had EVER). Dave had been working with them to plan the rehearsal dinner. Luis Klein was the hotel manager at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel for 25 years so I think he learned a lot about attention to detail and great service. The patio area is really pretty and the service was excellent. There are many fans on the patio aimed well at the tables to make your meal enjoyable even on a hot day.


Damiana in SJD, 7pm, Friday - 10/27/06

We showed up late to the rehearsal on Friday because the guys were busy riding ATVs. When we arrived, we were beyond happy. There were musicians playing (we didnâ€t hire them nor were we charged for them) and the patio looked beautiful (beautiful table cloths, well lit, etc.). Damiana has great atmosphere. Our guests were being served drinks and appetizers (empanadas filled with cheese, steak, or shrimp). The shrimp were the tastiest. The homemade chips and salsa were great too (fresh but not too spicy). For an entrée, guests had either



Mexican Combo Plate – included a Chile relleno (Poblano chili stuffed w/ cheese), tenderloin tips "A la Mexicana" (not spicy), enchilada with chicken in mole poblano sauce, fresh guacamole, rice, and beans


Ranchero Shrimp in Cacti Sauce – shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and guajillo chili (not spicy) with cooked nopales (cacti strips); served with rice and beans



Flan or

Ice cream with tortilla glacé - corn tortilla strips coated with sugar and deep fried (crunchy and sweet); served with ice cream and deep fried (crunchy and sweet); served with ice cream


I had the ranchero shrimp and flan. I loved my food. No one had any complaints. The staff also gave Dave and I the gift of a bottle of Damiana (a liquor) and a congrats note. The wonderful evening set a great note for the wedding the next day. All of our 50 guests (everyone was invited) were pleased.


Several of our guests enjoyed their experience there so much that they went back later for dinner or lunch during their stay.



Boulevard Mijares 8, Town Plaza

San José del Cabo, México



Luis Klein


(Tell them David Eick and MariaElena Murillo Eick recommended the restaurant).

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are you open to doing a buffet? we did a sunset cruise the night before the wedding that was a lot of fun and the food was actually really GOOD!

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Thank you sooooo much for all the details. That is GREAT!!! I am DEFINITELY going to check them out.


In fact, all of your ideas are great. Thanks everyone.

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I'm glad to help. Prices have probably gone up since then (don't they all?), but it's a worthwhile place to do current research. Good luck with your decision.

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Where did you do the sunset cruise? I am interested in getting information on that. I will have about 50 to 60 people at my welcome dinner.


(sorry if this is posted somewhere else!)

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