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I want to do some sort of getting to know you game or something like that for our rehearsal dinner. We are having like 60 people there and our families have never really met, we also have a few akward situations with divorced people and such...so I was thinking of a sort of bingo game but Will did not really like the idea. I liked the "get to know the guests brochure" that someone posted a while back, however I don't think that is reasonable for 60 people since I don't see everyone reading it and I don't know everyone's dates so that might be hard...


we are having our rehearsal dinner at a mexican rest. out on their private patio, however it will be a bunch of tables because you can't fit 60 people at one table...I really don't mind being crafty and making somthing cute, I just need an idea!!!

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Hmm... I just found these online, not sure if they're what you're looking for:


Who am I?

Everyone writes down one fact about themselves that nobody else would

know. (Don't include names.) All facts are put in a hat. One person reads the facts one at a time. Everyone tries to guess who it is. For example, the facts could be something like: "I was born in my parents car." or "I was adopted." It is a fun way to get to know each other.



"I have never...":

Each person gets 5 cards or 5 M&M's or 5 whatever. You go around the circle and each person tells something they have never done. If you have done it, you must throw one of your cards into the middle. The last person holding a card wins. For example, I could say, "I have never been on a mission." Everyone who is an RM must throw in a card.


(I've actually played this one before, it's not as lame/dirty/boring as it sounds. It's weird to hear the things that people have never done before e.g. never eaten a taco before)



Guess the Picture

Collect a set of pictures of your town / locality / personalities etc. and display them on the wall with a number. The guests have to identify them and write the name on a sheet of paper. The winner is the one with the highest score.



Name Mix-Up

Sit in a circle on chairs or with definite spots to sit. Put the name of the person on each chair where it cannot be seen. The name on the chair determines the "name" of the person sitting in the chair. Decide where the "beginning" of the circle is. The person at the "beginning" of the circle starts by saying their name (or rather, the name on their chair, which originally is their own name), followed by the name of someone in the room. The person they called says their name and calls someone else's name. That person then says their name and calls on someone else.


If a person makes a mistake, by forgetting to say their name or someone else's, by not responding in time, by responding when their chair's name was not called, or by calling a name of someone who is not there, then they leave their spot and sit to the right of the "beginning" of the circle. The people scoot one seat to the right to accommodate the person who made the mistake. If the person at the beginning makes a mistake, everyone scoots one chair to the right. The person at the beginning position then starts again. However, since the name on the chair is the "name" of the person sitting in the chair, now the person who's real name is Jenny but sitting in the chair labeled Michelle, must respond when someone calls Michelle and not respond when someone calls Jenny. Continue playing the game until everyone is utterly confused.

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Secret Lives

An ideal ice breaker game for groups who work together remotely or who need to build relationships quickly.


When sending out invites to the meeting, ask each person to send back a secret fact about them. Youâ€ll find all sorts of hidden talents, escapades or achievements – one hit popstars, matchstick collectors or maybe a kissogram!


Prepare a document with all the secrets written out, and a blank next to each for the owner. Make sure you print out enough sheets.


At the meeting hand out the secrets sheets, and ask the group to mingle and figure out which secret belongs to whom. If the group is mixing well, be flexible about the timing and maybe let the exercise go on slightly longer.


Take the completed sheets back and mark them quickly. As you are doing this, ask each person to confess their secret to the group. Announce the “winner†and maybe give a small prize.





Oooh... this is interesting lol - it relates to your wedding theme, but it's an actual board game: Fun party game: Ideal Ice Breaker Game | Adult Party Games | Wine Tasting Icebreaker

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thanks Courtney, I like the guess who I am game...I will have to see if Will might want to do that one...its similar to my "Loteria" idea...

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oh we didn't do anything actually, the way they set up the patio it wouldn't have worked, but we did have a good time without it.

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check the thread date girls, this thread was created 3 years ago :)

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