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Anyone have advice about starting a "Wed-site?" Which are the best/easiest/free ones out there? Please share!!


I want to add the site to my STD's but I'm ready to order those and I don't have a wedsite site yet.

I tried searching this topic but didn't find what I was looking for. If there already exist threads on this please share the link with me smile78.gif

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We also were at a point where we didn't want to waste anymore time getting the STDs so we just ordered them without a website on them. Later we used a color laser printer and card stock to print out business cards with extra details that weren't ready when we ordered the STDs.

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Looks like you're off to a good start! Cute picture. :)

We also used mywedding.com, very easy site.


I added a note stating that we would like to "be green" and not send out wedding invites if not necessary. Saves on a bit if cash as well as a tree or two. We of course will send to the grandparents, parents, etc. Those who will want that momento. But most friends just find it extra mail if they can view a wedsite. I know i do!!


Best of luck in all your plans!

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