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My PB Pacifica Review!!!

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We finally did the deed on May 2nd 2009 and I just wanted to make sure that every vendor that helped make our special day perfect receives the recognition that they deserve! Ladies, I am also including this review for you, as I know that I could not have planned my wedding without the feedback from so many others on this site. Enjoy!!


1. Transport – TRANSCABO

This company is SUPER organized. They were always ON TIME and all services were fully documented and paid in full before our arrival in Cabo. Ramon was AMAZING! We thought so highly of their work, that we used them for airport transfer to and from the hotel (including a short detour to Costco!!), as well as to Sunset da Mona Lisa for our welcome dinner. On top of all of this, their prices were perfectly affordable and the staff was all courteous!


2. Accommodation – Pueblo Bonito Sunset

Similar to the PB Pacifica, the property grounds are absolutely GORG! That is pretty much where the similarities end though...The PB Sunset property is definitely geared towards a more family-oriented environment and is also much larger.


The enormity of the resort mandates that they use a golf-cart system that I would say is the only shortcoming of this place. Waiting on a golf cart just to get to breakfast can at times be a bit tedious. We were originally planning on having our reception here, but after experiencing this golf cart system, we thought that it would be major inconvenience shuffling people from the beach to the Sky Pool and decided to have the reception at the PB Pacifica instead. Despite this, we still thought it would be a great place for our guests to stay, so we had our room block here. We were torn between making the room block here or the Pacifica, and ended up choosing the Sunset b/c it actually allows kids to stay at the resort. (Pacifica is 18 and up only). The property itself is really great with multiple restaurants located all over, as well as several pools. One complaint that I had from one of our guests is that they need to expand their pool menu…That being said, she did spend every breathing moment at the pool while she was there.. :) The staff are trained to be extremely courteous and complete tasks in a timely manner and the accommodations were lovely! Very spacious and every room has a balcony with a view. LOVED IT AND WOULD TOTALLY DO IT AGAIN!


And just to reiterate, Laura was FANTASTIC! She was extremely well organized and responsive. Also, PB provided MANY options for set up and decorations. You can have pretty much anything if you are up for paying a little bit more.


3. Welcome Dinner – Sunset da Mona Lisa

All I can say is WOW…the view at this place is OUT OF CONTROL. All of our guests were insanely impressed with it AND with the food. We thought that the price was quite reasonable for both the ambience and the service that we received. Emma, the event organizer there, was always very easy to get in touch with and also very responsive. She was extremely competent at maintaining our master account with the restaurant and would often remind us of upcoming payment deadlines.


If you are looking for a venue for a welcome or rehearsal dinner, Sunset da Mona Lisa offers a UNIQUE experience for your guests. Although the cuisine is not Mexican, it is worth the drive and the cost. Believe me when I say that it is unforgettable.


4. Ceremony & Reception Location – Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

The property is simply gorgeous. Our guests kept on asking how we found this resort. They were all happily surprised by how modern and clean the facilities were, as well as how proper the staff was. I had to say this was our best decision ever! We visited pretty much all of the resorts in Cabo, but we loved the Pueblo Bonito resorts the best. I think the Pacifica is in just the right location outside of town and the grounds were amazing! The grounds were perfectly kept and the ambience was just right for our wedding and reception. To top this all off, the wedding coordinator was the best!! Please note that when I started planning my wedding, the WC was a different person. She left a few weeks before my wedding and Laura Ortiz became the official WC for all four of the PB resorts. To say the least, she had impeccable timing in terms of replying to email and was extremely flexible in terms of accommodating pretty much all of our requests. She did pretty much everything she needed to in order to qualm a nervous bride’s paranoia before the wedding and to put me at ease. To top this all off, the layout was exactly as I requested and the food was great! There were a couple of vegetarians at the dinner that I had accidentally overlooked reminding Laura about when the original WC left, but despite the short notice, they were able to whip up meals for them at our request on the night of the event!


5. Photographer – Juan Carlos Tapia

GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS! I am not sure how much more I can say about this talented photographer. Many people have concerns about his cost, but our belief was that the one investment that we could make in our wedding was the photographs. This is something that we knew we would have forever to remind us of our very special day. With that understanding, we massaged our expenses so that we could afford Juan Carlos. We cut back on the cost for flowers and the dress so that we did not go over budget, and it worked out just fine.


Juan Carlos is truly incredible and creative, but above all, he is an artist. Not only is he extremely good at what he does, but he also makes the process fun! His assistants are great and his equipment is top notch. I guarantee you that if you go with Juan Carlos, you will not be

disappointed. You truly are getting what you pay for.


6. DJ – Ricardo Patino (DJ Ritchie)

What a lovely person this is! Both Ricardo and his wife are both kind and generous people and did everything that they could to accommodate all of our wedding music requests. To top of a fantastic evening of music at the reception, Ricardo and his wife even emailed us some pictures a couple of weeks later that they had taken at the wedding. Extremely thoughtful people and not ridiculous in terms of cost. To add to this, Ricardo was always easy to get in touch with. I would definitely use them again!


7. Firedancers – We used Lunas de Fuego and they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blanca was very easy to work with in terms of rates, booking and payment. We used them for 20 minutes altogether, which in retrospect, we could have shortened, but overall they were fantastic. Our guests were totally not expecting this and the performance was impressive. For 20 minutes, 4 people and live/recorded music, we thought the rates were very reasonable. To be fair, Blanca’s performance stood out the most from all the others. She is VERY good at her job and is so graceful while doing it. Definitely a sight to see!


I hope this review is helpful to everyone!! As you all know, pics from Juan Carlos take a bit longer to receive, so will post them when I can. In the meantime, please let me know if I can be of assistance with contact information etc.

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Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! You could not have described bothe resorts better!!!! My FI and I have been goin to cabo once or twice a year for the past few years and we have only stayed at PB Sunset and Pacifica!!!!!! We object to stay anywhere else...these are two true jewels to Cabo!!!!! But we decided to get married at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar.


Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

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