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  1. Hi Christina, I haven't been able to check back in on this thread since my wedding in May as life got extremely busy!! However, I would definitely recommend my florist, who is the florist Allibe recommended. Her name is Saku and she owns/runs Latinasia flowers. Her contact info is latinasia.flowers@gmail.com. She was amazing to work with and I would highly recommend her! Congratulations and I hope you have an incredible wedding!!
  2. I'm thinking of rolling mine...It is lace and I think if I roll it up quick before the flight and put it in my carry on and then take it out when we arrive a few hours rolled shouldn't hurt too much and I can also steam it when I get there. I'm trying to avoid the race through the airport to make my connecting flight while tripping over my dress!
  3. Yay for picking up your dress tonight!! We are doing the legal stuff here, too. Now that you mention it I suppose I should get on that if I want it to be done before we leave in 2 weeks!! YIKES!
  4. I'm completely with you on the panic!!
  5. My final fitting is today and we leave in 19 days!! Yikes!! Its hard to believe over a year worth of planning is about over and the wedding is almost here!!
  6. Funny you say that, I seem to be having the same problem! We leave on May 7th and come home on the 19th. FI told me today that we are at the 1 month countdown until the actual wedding day and I got really nervous about everything I have left to do, too!
  7. I am too, so many options! Sharon, when do you leave?
  8. Thank you! We still have to finish getting the men's shirts and sandals and I'm debating our programs. Oh, and I guess we still have to pick the songs for the ceremony/first dance. Yikes!!
  9. I can totally relate to the additional stress of moving! I graduate from law school 2 days before we leave for Mexico and somehow between now and then we need to move 4 hours from where we are now, I need to take all my finals, and get on that plane!!! I just keep reminding myself that we can do anything, especially if the reward is marrying our best friends AND enjoying a few yummy drinks on the beach
  10. Congratulations!!! I just saw these photos posted on the H3R Facebook page and I am soo glad it was a bride from this thread! We leave in a month and 3 days, so I can't wait to hear your advice!! Your pictures are gorgeous!
  11. I'm not too sure about the nightlife as I only did a site visit during the day, but I'm sure someone else can answer that! As for distance, it is about 15min north of Playa del Carmen so I suppose that makes it about 30min from Cancun?
  12. Everything looks amazing!!! We are also doing towels for our guests, have you figured out a good way to pack these yet? I feel like I might end up checking suitcases filled with towels!
  13. What kind of time line are you looking for? I only have a basic one so far since I'm still about 2 months out. I'm planning on starting to get ready shortly before noon, then having the photographers come about 3-3:30 to do some "first-look" pics before the ceremony at 5:30. I'm thinking our ceremony will be about 20-30 minutes and we will then take more couple photos while our guests enjoy cocktail hour. That leaves our reception starting at about 7. Beyond that I'm not too sure. Can't wait to see how everything turns out!!
  14. Us too!! I can't believe how fast time the months have flown by! I have a dress fitting on Saturday! Its getting soo real!!
  15. I understand the ticking clock!! As for the privacy of the ceremony all of the pictures I have seen from past brides and the research I did didn't show many resort guests around the ceremony. If you have your ceremony at the point where the river meets the ocean there isn't really much space for resort guests to be sunbathing in your way! Also, depending on the time of your ceremony resort guests may be done with the beach for the day. We are having our private reception near the pool so we can also be by the ocean. We considered having the reception also on the beach but due to the pro
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