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April 2010 Brides

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Welcome!! well it seems like your all set for guest and booking, some of us can't even get a reply if they are coming or not. so count yourself lucky, I'm jealous lol!!!



LOL!! I was the same thing trying to get to 150, then your there, seems like the post just add up so fast! good luck!!

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Only 36 more posts for me Ladies!!!
Oh, make the 35 Hahahahahahahahahaha, can't wait!!
Hee hee- I know what you mean- just got over 150 this weekend and I was so happy not to be a noob! It wont take you long now!

And welcome, jajb2010, nice to see another Cuba bride in the April group! Sounds like your family have been right on top of things with the booking- mine are slow pokes sadly.

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Originally Posted by jerseykitten View Post
I wanted to start a thread for everyone getting married this month...I love having BDW to come to for all the tips and advice, but I still feel a little lost on where I should be with planning and everything since I'm planning everything by myself...FI is picking out his suit and getting on the plane...

So, I'm getting married April 10, 2010

I sent my STDs to 47 people on April 10, 2009 with all the TA info and the hotel info and NOT ONE PERSON has called her except my mother....I know airfare was not available yet but it is now....
I've seen how other brides have people booked. How did you do that?

I have the Resort, The dress, The shoes
I booked the photographer yesterday.

I'm undecided on colors.

I have not picked invitations.

I'm not having a wedding party so I don't have to worry about that.

I keep thinking I should be doing something but I don't know what....

What are you doing?
I'm getting married april 20th, 2010 and we I sent out my invites on August 1st and gave my guest 2 weeks to reply with a yes or no. Everybody had to pay $150.00 deposit by August 17th in order to be part of the Group Rate Discount which we all got $400.00 rebate because of early booking deal.

My Evites were actually done by my travel agent company, they did my invitations, put all the prices, dates, and TA info and off it went.

it went very smoothly and I'm so impressed at the evites that my TA did for me they looked very simple and romantic and it had all the information needed. If guests had questions they would reply directly to my TA and I had no worries at all.

Hope this helps....you'll see that once you send those invites you will feel soo much relief and will be able to focus on the rest of the stuff.

Best of Luck

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OMG..ok so I'm totally confused..I'm not sure how to reply directly to a post? Can anybody help..I posted the same blog 3 times I think and I'm sorry. I'm just a newbie who can't seem to get this website figured out. HELP.. ha ha ha

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Originally Posted by jajb2010 View Post
OMG..ok so I'm totally confused..I'm not sure how to reply directly to a post? Can anybody help..I posted the same blog 3 times I think and I'm sorry. I'm just a newbie who can't seem to get this website figured out. HELP.. ha ha ha
If there is a specific person you want to reply to just hit "Quote" at the bottom of their post, which is what I did for yours, so we'll see what that person wrote, then what you write.

if you want to quote multiple people, I believe, although it never works for me, that you hit the MQ for each post, and then QUOTE at the end, and everyone's quotes should be there...again, I may not be the best person to teach that part.

It gets easier...I promise!!!

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Iâ€ve been out of town for several days, so I had about 12 pages of this thread to catch up on. You all have really been busy posting!


Welcome to the thread vgirl, jerzygirl, jajb2010, jenconrad, Amy, and anyone else I may have missed. I noticed that some of you who are new to the thread have lots of guests booked so far. Good job! I only have 6 booked so far.


SuzyQ, glad you are feeling better. I also saw your post about the snow. I am so glad I am living in Georgia now. I lived in Michigan for six years right off of the lake. Lots of lake effect snow there. I have had my fill of snow. Don't miss it at all.


Shannon, glad you had fun on your e-pic shoot. You will have to share your pics with us when you get them. I donâ€t think the FI and I are getting e-pics done. We took a bunch of "couple photos" on our trip to Vegas earlier this year, so those are the pics weâ€ve been using on our website and STDs.


Originally Posted by vgirl17 View Post
Hello everyone! I'm not sure if I've posted on here before but my wedding is April 24, 2010 and it's getting here faster than I can keep up! I've gotten out my STDs w/magnets, and just finished creating a 'reminder' postcard to have people start to book and at least LOOK at the wedding website!!! Crazy how I sent out the STDs in August (late I know) and there are A LOT of people talking about going etc, but haven't even looked at the website! Crazy... I'm going to try and not stress out about it and just keep the attitude of, "Whoever is there is there. As long as me and my man are there that is all that matters :)"
I thought I was the only one. After spending soooo much time on our wedding website, we have not had many views of it even though our STD magnet and letter clearly have the website address listed. The only people that have RSVPâ€d on the website are my parents and 2 of my FIâ€s co-workers (4 people total). Itâ€s been over a month since we sent out the STDâ€s (approx 50). Weâ€ve only gotten back 9 of the RSVP postcards (which I put postage on) so far. And get this, we have even had a few people (who received the STD) ask us what our wedding date is. Iâ€m like, “Where is your STD magnet? That was the whole purpose of the magnet.†Or they will ask us when the cruise deposits are due, “Itâ€s in the letter I sent you and on the website.†Come on people!


Iâ€m going to send out a reminder postcard next week to remind everyone of my RSVP deadline, which is November 6th. They have until November 26th to book their cruise with my TA and make their initial deposits, if they miss this deadline they are on their own as far as finding a deal on the cruise pricing. Their last chance to RSVP for the wedding ceremony will be after we mail out formal invites in January. We are having our wedding ceremony on the cruise ship before it leaves the port of Miami. We're allowed to have 50 non-sailing guests attend the wedding ceremony. We have to provide the cruise line with our guest list 30 days beforehand, so if they are not on the list they will not be able to get on the ship which will be their own fault. We gave them plenty of time to respond. So frustrating.


Originally Posted by caribbeanLover View Post
ok so I sent the e-mail out today!!! I need to know your guys opinion. Did I come off to strong? I really hope not.. I don't want to look like bridezilla!
I donâ€t think you came on too strong. It was straight and to the point. They should respect your deadlines.

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Added my info to the list...


April 9 - (kimmyg) Kimmy from Cincinnati - RPRM

April 9 - (Chicken764) Martine from Casselman - Grand Palladium-Punta Cana

April 10 - (jerseykitten) Michele from Jersey (Central Jersey by Six Flags) - Jamaica

April 10 - (Shan13) Shannon from little rock, arkansas (originally from St.Louis) - Las Vegas

April 13 - (caribbeanlover) Tracy from Montreal - Punta Cana

April 16 - (echo2_62) Meghan from Calgary - Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

April 16 - (doblauvelt) Tonya from Northern NJ - Moon Palace, Mexico

April 22 - (Jcooper79) Jaime from MN - Gran Porto Real, Riveria Maya

April 24 - (jerzygirl85) Joanna from Jersey City - Dreams Tulum, Mexico

April 24 - (GregsBride) Christina from Washington, DC - Jamaica

April 25 - (shortnsweet7675) Natasha from Atlanta, GA - Miami, FL (Carnival Glory Eastern Caribbean cruise)

April 28 - (ebredhawk) Erin from Cincinnati - Dreams Punta Cana

April 28 - (Melidell) Mel from NWT - Melia Las Dunas, Cuba

April 29 - (SuzyQ76) Suzanne from Calgary, Grand Riviera Princess, Mexico

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Welcome back Natasha, aka Shortnsweet, we missed ya! Hope you had a good trip!

Man, I wish I lived in Georgia right now - good call on leaving the snow! It is NOT fun at all!! I think Michigan is even colder than here!! Well maybe not colder but definitely more wet!! lol

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Does anyone feel like they're in a system overload?


Lately, I've been trying to gather ideas for my bouquets, then I stumble upon ideas for my centerpieces, then I move onto the judge's table decorations, then shoes, then invitations, then music, then the first dance - to choreograph or not to choreograph, then cake ideas, then flight arrangements, then TTD dress and location, then groom's attire (SO late with this one)... AHHH!!!!!


My goodness! Sorry, I'm just venting. I feel like I am getting nowhere with this...Planning has taken a toll on me lol.

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    • OMG these are incredible! Seriously blown away by the thoughtful detail you have put into every aspect of your gifts, your guests are going to be amazed! Props to you for adding so many personal touches and putting in so much time to make these gifts amazing!
    • These bags are amazing!! You are so organized and detailed, I am so impressed! I LOVE the Vistaprint stuff you ordered, the logo is so cute, I love your personalization!
    • I love etsy!! It's a great place to find personalized gifts without such a hefty price tag. I was thinking of getting my bridesmaids personalized necklaces with their names on them. I found these ones that are affordable and you can pick the chain length and different fonts, so you can really make them your own and pick what you know each bridesmaid will want. https://www.etsy.com/listing/595334072/personalized-name-necklace-stainless?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=personalized necklace&ref=sc_gallery-3-9&plkey=a8662525c53ec285c1b46b0f308162d0591edff8:595334072
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    • I think you should approach the dentist. That would be the best idea as of now. 
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