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Overwhelmed Newbie

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Hi all,

I'm Claire - newly engaged and already starting to feel a little overwhelmed. No location yet - just has to be a beach someplace hot. Date is May 2010.

Yikes! So much to do. Looking forward to reading all the amazing advice in the forums.

What have I gotten myself into? :)

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Yay, & Congrats fellow Canadian :) I am also gonna get married May of 2010!


I'm pretty much new on this site and only got engaged a couple of months ago, but my philosophy for planning this wedding is to have fun doing it and not stress out... work and school are stressful enough! Picking what kind of flowers I want and how I want the cake to look *should* be fun and all part of the experience... however, I think the hardest part so far is figuring out *where* you want to get married as there are so many great & beautiful places.

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