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Hi! Does anyone know of a company that makes really cheap ( less than $2 each) boarding pass STD's? I'm inviting about 350 people and really can't spend over $2 each. I would love to make them myself but I'm not crafty at all and so busy with school. I saw one site that only charges $1.87 or something but I didn't really like them. All i really want to be included is the one boarding pass and an envelope. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you're just doing one boarding pass insert you could try etsy seller DesignsbyTine.


She doesn't charge a design fee and quoted me $1.75 per STD which would include 1 pass, 1 jacket and plain white mailing envelope. I didn't end up ordering from her as I've decided to try and do mine myself, but that was the most reasonable price I could find when I was looking!

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