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Surgery Today

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Good luck Savannah, heal and be well soon girl hug2.gif Sending lots of good vibes and prayers your way. We'll miss you, but will be waiting for your safe and healthy return to the forum wink.gif

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Just a quick update since I'm finally sitting down and upright at my desk.


The surgery was successful. I can't say it went "well" since what was initially slated to be a 2 hr procedure turned into nearly 8. My poor mom, you guys....and ofcourse FH. I guess it was tough cuz they only updated them every 2 hrs and didn't say what was going on. The size of my thyroid caused complications....I was told the morning after that it was "as big as your heart". A healthy one is about the size of a walnut.


Anyway, lost a lot of blood and they had to give me a transfusion. Because I was open for so long, my swelling and pain is ofcourse a bit more than usual and taking longer to subside. Don't worry..I'm on some good shit:)


I go today at 1 for my first follow up since they sent me home with this...thing in my neck. It's a drain, and that's all I will say for fear of completely grossing y'all out. It should come out today as long as they don't see anything they don't like.


I thank you all more than I can possibly say for your prayers and thoughts..might sound silly, but I honestly think they helped in that O.R. I'm really emotional right now (they tell me its the hormone swing), but just feeling so grateful to have so many truly decent people in my life who care for me and my well being.


Billy is holding down the fort..he's been a real trooper with the kids. I didn't get to come home til Saturday night, and since then he's really insisted on me not lifting a finger. I'm so blessed. Mom has been spending the night too (this 69 yr old lady spent two nights in a hospital recliner and worked everyday) ..and still managed to jump up everytime she heard me move. OK, bawling in earnest now. So, so blessed.


I will update more soon....probably tonight. I got to take a shower yesterday (woo hooo)and it totally pooped me out, so now I'm going back to do it again and imagine I'll be napping soon.


p.s. on a side note, just to tell you how far this wedding stuff is embedded in my brain....the first thing I did when I could sit up and control my bodily functions was have 'em drag the pc next to my bed so that I could click/search with one hand. I THINK I FOUND A WELCOME DINNER DRESS!! hahaha Is that sick?


Love y'all! And thanks again.

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