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  1. there is always an opportunity for this : a good laugh
  2. Congrats looked like you all had an awesome time and didn't let the swine damper the mood. Very lovely pics ... how exciting
  3. you'll know it when you see it : Perfect House
  4. I feel the same way with the whole making people spend more money than they already are. My MOH and one of my bridesmaids are so gung ho about me having a bridal shower and bachelorette party so I finally said ok you take care of it i dont' want to be involved at all I'll just show up. I just feel bad having one and people feeling obligated to buy something.
  5. dress shopping: already done
  6. would be really nice: if cookies had no calories
  7. vacation: want another one
  8. Congrats welcome to the forum
  9. haha that is hilarious. I love finding things to keep me amused at work on Fridays when I don't want to do anything
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