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exceeded expectations, my wedding at Villa del Palmar

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I wish you all the best in your planning and wedding experience. I think the best mantra I followed that really helped things fall into place was to follow-up, follow-thru, and when necessary let go of the "particulars." Staying on top of things myself, but always being kind and understanding kept me sane AND not letting the little things that weren't exactly the way I wanted stop me from enjoying everything really kept me from being a Bridezilla. I think the more I faced reality and my timeline and being flexible with the possibilities left the door open for more positive opportunities and experiences to follow. Stay positive stay on top of it and stay flexible. I think we all have been waiting for this special moment but don't be the obstacle standing in your way. The good vibes will transcend to your guests and the rest will follow.


P.S. Note about the catering for the reception. So I did not expect this and was truly touched that they did this. When we cut the cake, they took back and cut the rest for us. put them on these rectangular plates and with chocolate or raspberry syrup wrote "E & S" for Erick and Sabrina on the top of the plate and placed the wedding cake slice right under it. Lots of people loved the personal touches like that. Again their service was great, not to mention affordable for doing a wedding under $10k.


Also, CONGRATS to all the married couples.


Good luck in your life's experiences. May you be blessed and rewarded with happiness.




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We have been considering one of the Villa properties...either del Palmar or Arco...your pics are beautiful!! We are on a pretty tight budget though...do you think we could still get something nice staying within the package prices? We like the truly madly deeply pkg. What were the prices like for the reception? Did you have to pay extra for the decor for the reception? It's great to be able to get some insight from someone whos actually done what you're thinking about doing :)

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Hi Sabrina,


Thank you for posting such a great review. I am also considering working with Gretel and planning my wedding at Villa del Palmar. We are extremely picky about food and since you mentioned that food was awesome, can you please tell me what buffett of plate did you choose for your reception?


I am also looking for a DJ, was it possible for your guests to dance? I come from a family that loves music and hitting the dance floors which is why I ask.


Thank you in advance.

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