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  1. Thanks Krys..Are all located on Grace Bay? I've heard that Sheneque will also travel to the resort for hair and make up; honestly, I have not looked into this detail yet, I might be wrong.
  2. Yeah...I've been researching T&C now for a while and prices are up there. I'm working on booking the venue for the end of the year. You might want to check out Nila Destinations or Island Harmony destination wedding planners. Maybe give them your budget and see what they come up with. I believe that you can get a free quote from both of them; hope this helps...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by blacksred My wedding planner Diane from Island Harmony recommends Geraldine from Maxime le Salon for your hair and Ann for make-up (she works out of the same shop). Someone has recommended me Sheque Perfection for hair and make up on this island (contact sheperfection@express.tc). It's good to hear that there are other options available. Do you have a contact info for Maxime le Salon? Just want to get an idea on pricing, location, etc...Thank you!
  4. How awesome! I love the pictures on their blog:)
  5. Thank you Meagan and Jennifer for clarifying:)
  6. Welcome to the forum Meagan and Kimberly! I'm in the process of booking the venue in Turks & Caicos. I've heard great reviews for Beaches and I've also learned that they do not allow an outside photographer (unless the policy has change recently?). I'm glad to hear from another Turks & Caicos brides to be:)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobemrs.b Yes we are using Tropical Imaging Between Nila & Tropical Imaging- they made the decision SO easy to choose T&C. I was so torn on which island to choose and as soon as I saw both websites I was totally convinced that this is where we were going. We had our engagement photo shoot last June and we LOVED the pictures. The only thing I would do over- when we went to visit i was in the VERY very beginning stages of the planning and it would have been so much more helpful to have been further along in the planning to make the most of it. but we had a great vaca regardless. Definitely let me know if you have any questions- I have now been researching t&c for 1 year Your wedding is probably coming up soon! Yes, it's never enough time to plan a wedding; I'm sure every bride feels that at one point during planning:). Are you using any vendors for hair and makeup?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by CnC Wondering if anyone has been to or getting married at Gansevoort - Turks and Caico? Any opinions? Welcome to the forum!...Karol, a member of this forum had a beautiful wedding at Gansevoort back in April. I'll try to post the link to her planning thread/blog: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t40828 Karol has been very helpful answering questions about the venue and I'm sure she will be happy to answer more questions for you also. I hope this helps!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobemrs.b Hi! I am new to this site- I can't believe I never found this before! It's so hard to find other T&C brides. Well my wedding is in about 3 1/2 weeks and I am so so so excited. I am using Nila Destinations and I'm just working on the final details. We will be staying at The Sands and having our reception at the Bay Bistro. Anyone else do this? One concern I had before booking this venue was the size. We will be having a total of 34 guests. Also- I was not able to get any references for the Island Boys- but I booked them anyways. Has anyone used the Island Boys? Any comments or suggestions? Any thoughts, ideas, questions, recommendations? glad I found this site! Welcome to the forum!..This is an awesome forum and very helpful. I'm in the process of booking something for beginning of December, 2009. I'm waiting on quotes from different resorts and I haven't made a decision yet. I've heard that Bay Bistro is a great venue location and Nila Destinations always delivers great service. Have you booked your photograph yet? I'm booking Tropical Imaging and they have a blog where you can see pictures from previous weddings (including The Sands and Bay Bistro). Glad to hear from another T&C bride!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Karol I've put up the day-after photo shoot Wedding Planning Is Killing Me: Trash. That. Dress. April 7, 2009 and the honeymoon write-up: Wedding Planning Is Killing Me: View from the Parrot Cay Thank you for reading! That concludes my wedding blog. Kind of sad to see it go. If any prospective Turks&Caicos brides need any help, please always feel free to drop me a line. Beautiful pictures, Karol! Thank you for sharing with us. Just wondering, have you worked directly with the resort's wedding coordinator or an outside wedding coordinator?
  11. Awesome pictures and you look beautiful...Congrats!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Tropical Imaging it's not far, 5-10 minutes tops including getting in the van (seriously). Just not walking distance (probably 3-4 miles tops and we don't have traffic)....actually everything on island for the most part is under 15 minutes....LOL Never been on the island so I have no idea how far things are from one another:)..The wedding coordinator at GBC got back to me and they would like to ofer us the lower palapa area at Anacaona restaurant....it looks really nice from the few picture that I've seen! Is this a popular restaurant spot for wedding receptions at GBC?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB I would also recommend TA Jennifer, she is located in MI. BTW great to see another MI bride of the forum. Welcome and congrats on your upcoming wedding. Yes...I too would like to get the heck out of Michigan for some beach time and sunny days:)..thanks Tammy!
  14. Thanks everyone for your input and kind words!
  15. Iulia


    Welcome to the forum!...I did the same thing for a while (read the forum but have not joined) and I've just started to ask questions and read threads when time permits..this is a great forum and planning just got easier and stress free:)..you will love it!
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