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  1. Has anyone done "first dance" at one of the restaurants during the free dinner reception? Is it possible?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by nicoleswrld Hey girls.... Our ceremony is scheduled at 2pm at the gazebo and dinner is not until 6:30 so we are planning on doing our "first dances" in the gazebo immediately following the ceremony. And then getting appetizers to have with the champagne toast next to the gazebo. Has anyone done this before?? I feel like it's silly to rent an area for only 15 guests and 3 special dances. The WC has ok'd it but I'm always fearful that she is just okay-ing me and then when we get down there she will be like....you can't do that. lol Thanks, Nicole Hi Nicole! You are a day before me! I'm on the 14th, also at the gazebo. (are you at Colonial or Elegance?) What a fantastic idea for the post ceremony. I was going to forego "first dance" since we are having the dinner at the steak restaurant...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by cwaters728 Hi there CnC~ You don't have to be in the DR for any specific amount of time before marrying. I am also getting married on a Friday and we are flying in on Wednesday. I think you will have plenty of time to plan and not a lot of time to be nervous . Then, you have LOTS of time to chill and celebrate after your big day! Thank you for the assurance!
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm at Elegance on May 14, 2010 - eek! It's coming up fast!! Of course, I have not yet booked my trip. I'm in the process now, and was wondering, HOW SOON DO I NEED TO BE ON THE RESORT BEFORE THE CEREMONY? I'd much rather stay longer post ceremony to relax and have fun (we are honeymooning also at the Elegance post ceremony). Wedding is on the Friday; is it too late to show up on WEDNESDAY afternoon? If I meet with the coordinator on Wednesday late afternoon/evening or on Thursday - is it still doable? Am I crazy? Help! Both of us can only get away from work for a week...
  5. Sunnycherries - Gorgeous pics!!! Where is your photog based? I couldn't find th e info on their website...are they based in DR?
  6. Does anyone know if you can rent the Elegance Club VIP lounge for private party/reception? Rate? Details? Thank you!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal&Matt2010 Hi CnC, I will be at the Elegance on May 19, 2010! Feel free to pass on any information you get regarding the Elegance from former brides (crystalmhowe@hotmail.com). I have found that most brides on here have chosen the Colonial side as well. Hopefully I made the right decision... it just felt more my style. Did you do a site visit? Have you decided on a photographer? So many things to do and think about!!!! Haven't heard from anyone other than what was responded here. I agree, I liked Elegance a bit more though they both looked fantastic. We are actually staying at the Elegance Club. More bar options! I haven't booked a photog yet...that's on my next to-do list. K.I.T.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Caribe I am every month in the Majestic Elegance!!my opinion is the Asadito is a good choice.There was always a big Smile In the face of the guests !! you can not go wrong with the Asadito !! Thanks, Caribe! I was leaning towards Sea and Sea at first (only b/c it was noted as beach front), then I got the set menu...Sea and Sea was either lobster or pasta; but Asadito offered Beef, Chicken or Pasta. Now I'm leaning towards Asadito since there's one more option for the guests. Seems like that might be a better option? Have you seen wedding groups at either places? Which one offers better ambiance/atmosphere/more room?
  9. Hi everyone - Need to book dinner reservation for the group and I was wondering...those of you who have been to the Elegance, would you prefer Asadito or See & Sea? Any opinions? Thank you for the help!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal&Matt2010 Hi, I am contemplating getting married at Majestic Elegance in May 2010. I was looking at the reception prices and almost decided to stay home and elope! We are looking to have around 60 guests+. I noticed some of you mentioned a free dinner at one of the restaurants and a reception else where? Also, for the open bar,is the price per hour or a flat fee for each guest? Any info you have on this would be EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks ladies!! Hi Crystal, if you want May 2010 at Majestic, you need to start contacting the WCs ASAP! May is a busy month at Majestic. If you decide to have dinner at a restaurant, they block off an area for you (not private) and there's no cost up to 60 guests. Beyond 60 ppl, there's $10/person cost. Open bar, I believe, is the flat fee per person for 2-hrs...I could be wrong about his...anyone else have facts on this?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MexicoBeachBride2010 I googled pastor rick york and he has a website about his missionary trip. If you click on the tab weddings he has an email address and responds very fast! I am using him for my ceremony and love his ceremony! I'm so excited! I googled him and did find a mission website, but nowhere can I find a wedding tab...I'm wondering if I have a wrong website? York Dominican Missions is what I found, but seems outdated...would you mind sending me his info via PM or at carolineandchuck@gmail.com? I'm wondering if he belongs to a particular denomination and just wanted to find a little bit more about him before contacting him directly. Thank you ladies!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JessicaANDJermaine Hey Jodi, I am having a symbolic wedding and i have hired Pastor Rick York to do the ceremony. My fiance and I will be getting married here in Canada first (City Hall) so that we have all our paperwork in order. We still consider our wedding at the majestic our real wedding day though. Hope this helps:) Hey Jessica, How did you find Pastor Rick York? Is he catholic priest or non-denominational pastor? I'm looking for a non-denominational pastor for a symbolic ceremony... CnC
  13. ELEGANCE BRIDES~ Anyone have menu options for the restaurants? If so, would you mind sharing? Please email me at carolineandchuck@gmail.com Where's everyone doing their reception? I'm thinking a dinner at a restaurant followed by private reception... Anyone know what the court yard area in the open space outside (seems to me there's sitting for drinks and live music at night?) is called? Any info on which restaurant has the best food? How each restaurant blocks off the area for the large group? Thank you so much! @SoontobeMrsV and @andime85 - would you mind looking into this IF you have the time while you are there? What are you guys doing for reception?
  14. oh, we're probably staying 10-16...haven't booked yet. Who are you using as a travel agent? Are you using one?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by nicoleswrld Hey CnC, I CANNOT WAIT!! We are going back and forth on the beach or the chapel. We want the beach cause ...well....it's the Caribbean but the gazebo is so pretty. So I feel like I will decide easier when I get there. We also decided to do dinner at the Steakhouse and then a private party at the Parrot bar.... What about you When are you getting there?? We are traveling May 7-15th. We will be at the Colonial.... -Nicole- Hi Nicole! When you say the steakhouse, do you mean Sea & Sea? I was actually thinking the same thing. (only b/c Sea&Sea sounds awfully like CnC - haha!) Have you seen the menu for each of the restaurants? I've requested it multiple times, but have not received them and getting a bit frustrated. If you do, would you mind sending it to me at carolineandchuck@gmail.com? Parrot bar - is that the one outside with option to hide under a awning if there's rain? I so need to get my details straight... Who are you using as a photog?