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exceeded expectations, my wedding at Villa del Palmar

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Let me just start off by saying I had the best wedding planning experience, and that was due to great communication between the hotel's wedding coordinator, and commnication with all the vendors involved. Thanks to their prompt responses and answering every little question and flexibility, Erick and I were able to have the perfect wedding.


We stayed at the Villa del Palmar, we had our wedding on a weekday, Thursday, which was perfect because it allowed guests to arrive at different times of the week. Everyone made it on time to the ceremony. And practically everyone stayed at the resort, too. The ceremony was on the beach, and practically NOBODY else was there. And no cruise ships in the ocean backdrop either. I mean I seriously couldn't have asked for a better ceremony location and time. It really felt private and personal.


We had 34 guests. I had a small bridal party, 4 total best man, maid of honor, groomsman and bridesmaid. Happy to say everyone enjoyed their trip in Cabo. Loved the service of the hotel staff and friendliness of the cabo community. Our families felt safe and relaxed the whole time.


The reception was deemed "best food/drink/cake for a wedding by our guests. Can't complain about lobster and filet mignon.



Gretel Aguilera - Villa del Palmar Wedding Coordinator and her assistant Mina. These two ladies were on top of their game. Everyone said they were very professional. I was able to trust them completely with the ceremony and reception. Both turned out beautifully and better than my expectations. I owe a great thanks to them for all their hard work and time spent on my wedding. When I decided to go with postcards as the "guestbook/words of wisdom cards" Mina helped out by purchasing the right amount of stamps needed (i did pay her for them obviously) so that the postcards could be mailed. I think everyone loved the idea, mainly because they all mentioned it. ;-) Really great alternative for smaller wedding parties. The guestbook had too many pages and we didn't want to pack a signature picture frame or plate..this was a good alternative.


Bradley Fraser - Cabo Photography. Erick and I can't say enough about how wonderful and easy it was to work with Bradley. He was booked the entire weekend and yet was still able to deliver our pictures to the hotel before we left. That's SERVICE. The pictures turned out great. I love all of them. He is definitely a great photographer to work with. I highly recommend him. Only thing I wish I had was more time, we only booked him for three hours, when really 4 would've been just right. We did manage to get the shots we wanted.


Rev. Marco Arechiga - he performed our ceremony and everyone thought he did a marvelous job. Erick and I really appreciated how smooth the ceremony went and amazingly we were both calm (no sobbing) and were very happy when we exchanged our vows.


Donna - Los Cabos Flowers - Donna was very wonderful and communicative as well. Everyone commented on how beautiful all the flowers were. Even though our order was small (we only spent $600) everything was beautiful and impressive.


Dj Mijares - Adan was very nice and flexible with our music selection. He even learned a song for my bridal march.


Tiffany - Embellished by Tiffany from ETSY.com - Tiffany is AMAZING. She printed my invitations, rsvp cards, wedding programs, menus, escort cards, and thank you cards. She was very communicative through etsy.com and the turnaround time was great. I can't say enough about how much I appreciated her work.


Bella Donna Bridal - my wedding dress was Vivien by Maggie Sottero. The girls are the bridal salon were amazing, sweet, and soo helpful and accomodating.



Basically, ALL I can say are several things:

Great experience with the planning, hardly any stress points

EVERYONE was impressed with the wedding

Everyone had a great time.

I had the "A team." on my side for this wonderfully memorable event.

Sorry no pictures, I haven't hosted mine anywhere yet, but bradley did give me a link, i hope it's okay to post it here

Cabo Wedding Photography- powered by SmugMug


Got to run.




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great review...i'll look at pics now.


i am so happy that the vendors worked out for you.

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great review, we have stayed at the villa del palmar on vacation three times and loved our experience there!!! By the way you looked gorgeous wink.gif Congrats cheers.gif

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Wow, Sabrina, your wedding looked fantastic! Everyone looked like they were having a great time. Love your bouquet!


I'm still searching for somewhere to have my wedding and after reading your review and looking at all your pictures, I am now going to look into Villa del Palmar. So THANK YOU!!!


- Jen


p.s. you're absolutely gorgeous!

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congrat, great review and pics, thanks for sharing with everyone.

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