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Hi Ladies,


So, I got my pictures back from my BD shoot and I am so relieved that they turned out okay given I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to by the time the shoot happened.


I posted these on the Bride Referrals Forum on here for the photographer, but figured I would also post them here so you all can see them and know that the pictures can come out okay even if your body isn't exactly how you want it to be... I hope that I can give some of you the courage to do this; it was so much fun and it is such a self esteem boost.



Password is Shannon


Now I just need to pick out 20 of them for my album!! smile78.gif

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Thanks Ladies... you are all SO good for my self esteem. blush2.gif I am still a bit anxious about them bc as I said - I am not 100% happy with my body right now; I have gained 20 pounds since meeting FI and only lost about 10 of it by the time the shoot came.


Originally Posted by *Heather* View Post
Oooh yay, your pics are awesome! I bet you're going to stare at these for hours trying to pick 20!! cheesy.gif
Thanks!!! I just got them last night and LOL... I keep going back to them trying to figure out which ones are best. I am actually going to get together with my BP Saturday and they are going to help me.


Originally Posted by MegaShay View Post
Your pics turned out awesome -- I love all your diff outfits. Your FI is going to LOVE them no matter which ones you choose.
It was kinda like playing dress up.. LOL! Lots of outfits made it fun for our whole group. You all should have seen the floor of the hotel room; we had clothes, shoes and accessories everywhere!!!


Originally Posted by carly View Post
They look great! The second to last one was my absolute fave! He's going to flip out!
That one is my favorite too!!!

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