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OOT bags at an AI?

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I like the idea but am torn between a few things. I see that some people make the bag a soft sided cooler or put koozies in them. My fiance and I stayed at an AI back in August and never took drinks anywhere with us since they were free everywhere so I don't want to include these things (don't think people will use them). I also think most people will bring their own sunscreen so what else do you add? Here's what I have come up with: aloe vera gel, advil, pepto bismol, bandaids/small first aid kit, bug spray?, maybe a beach sarong/wrap - but what else? I'll probably try to individualize them a bit, adding some sand toys for people with kids. I don't want to do super personalized things (like a cup with OUR name on it) as these are hard to use when you get back home. Also, I don't particularly want to take a billion things with us. Would it be better to mail them in advance? I think this might make people get excited but would also cost us postage....then what if they forget the stuff anyway?

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KJT- Hi.. You def. have a cute idea adding "toys" for the couples with kids! Most people do bring their own sunscreen...Umm.Aloe vera Is great!

Where is you wedding location?! Is this going to be your welcome bag/gift bag? ...If it is both then -I think you should def. put one item in there that is personalized (you n your FI's date and name). It might be kinda silly to have every little thing in there just your names, but it is your wedding!

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Originally Posted by GinalynL View Post
KJT there is already alot of information on this forum already about things to put in OOT bags. You can start with this thread to get some ideas:


Hope that helps!
Check out that thread for ideas, how to transport, etc and as suggested below...

Originally Posted by DTHSLove View Post
From the master list here I would just pick out what I think will fit my wedding guest.
customize your OOT bags with what you would like to share with your guests! Don't stress about this...choose whatever you want to include. It's your choice to lug a whole bunch of stuff with you or not.

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I think I posted this information somewhere on here before, but I cannot find it. LOL... so we also wanted to do 'non-traditional' OOT bag contents; this is our list so far (to include travel size spanish dictionary - spanish for dummies, Immodium, Shout Wipes, Advil and mini bottles of hand sanitizer)..


Flip Flop Cards $.59

Flip Flop Shaped Playing Cards (1 ct) - Party Supplies & Decorations @ Ziggos


Beach safe containers (yellow) $17.99 for 12 = $1.49 each (not sure which ones. either these or the ones below)

I like these better. I posted link for yellow, but other colors available

Personalized Beach Safe Containers - Yellow


Beach Safe Containers $1.10

Shop for Box Beach Safe, Luau, Favors, Toys, Gifts. Plus tons of other stunning Luau party supplies, favors, and decorations.



Pool Rafts

Intex Inflatable Suntanner Deluxe Mat



Straw Beach Mats $2.00:

Straw Beach Mat from Windy City Novelties


Straw Mats with Ties: $2.99

Beach Mat


Beach Balls 11" $2.71 each

Inflate Striped Beach Balls (1 ct) - Party Supplies & Decorations @ Ziggos


Flip Flops from Old Navy $5 each

Women's & Men's Clothes: Plus Size, Maternity, Baby & Kid's Clothing | Old Navy


PalmTree Pens $.29 each

Plastic Coconut Tree Pens (1 ct) - Party Supplies & Decorations @ Ziggos

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There is also a thread OOT Bags, the things I used and didn't use or something like that, just use the search function and you will find TONS of ideas on OOT bags!!

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