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  1. Hello I got married July 3, 2010 at MP. I have not been on here in awhile. If any future brides have any questions you can PM me or try to contact me on here. I had a fantastic time at my wedding! Happy Planning!
  2. I had my reception and ceremony outdoors. It was just gorgeous. My ceremony took place on the beach and the reception was on the Tucan Terrace and Garden! My WC was Angelica and I absolutely LOVED her! We stayed at Sunrise and everyone loved our section! It was a movre active section compared to Nuzic.
  3. hey girls it has been a month since I got married in Moon Palace and boy has it been a bit crazy here. I have yet to write my review but I am open for any questions anyone might have. So either PM me or send a comment on here. Sorry, I just haven't had a chance to do anything! Basically it was gorgeous and the Moon Palace staff and Wedding Coordinator did absolutely everything they could to make our day and week so very special!
  4. Leigh17...congratulations! I absolutely loved Moon Palace and everything. All my guests were super happy.. Although, my wedding lasted until 10 30 and then we planned on going to the club after...they shut down alcohol until Monday afternoon. It was terrible.. My guests were pissed...we were running around to each room grabbing the alcohol in the rooms. This was my only complaint and they will be hearing from me, because at their other resorts they allowed alcohol to be served! Where did you go for your honeymoon?
  5. Hey.. Do not worry about the rain. My wedding was on July 3 and the entire week showed 60% of rain. It hardly rained and when it did, it lasted for like one hour or so. No worries! In fact, the day of my wedding there was a 60% chance of rain and our wedding was scheduled to be outdoors completely. I took the chance and had it outdoors... it rained for like 5 mins in the beginning of our recept. and like a few drizzles at the end! I am going to write my review.. but if anyone has any questions just pm me! Good luck!
  6. Hello! I got married on Saturday and everything was wonderful. I will do a review, but just a few tips.... Book your spa massages Now! The spa books up quickly due to the new promotion. Also, I was able to leave little messages at the front desk to put into envelopes for when my guest arrived..letting them know where we will be, what our plans are etc. Talk to you soon
  7. Thank you for your review..and congratulations!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Leigh17 I know...I leave in 6 days!! Good luck in your final preparations. A few brides have said the meeting lasted 2-3 hours. Jenna (the bride I asked in the post) said hers just took about an hour. I'm hoping mine just lasts on hour. Ours is at 3 & we have a welcome dinner starting at 6 that night. I guess I'll have to go to the meeting dressed for the dinner just in case mine takes 3 hours. Are you planning on getting something for your WC?? Also, did u buy loose flowers? If so, how did or are you packing them
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Leigh17 Jenna - Thanks for the review. We leave next week for our wedding. I just have two quick questions: (1) how long did your meeting with your WC last? & (2) which photo package did you choose? Thanks for all the info so soon after your wedding. Congrats on your marriage! Hello! I cannot believe our wedding is just next week! I am so excited.. I have not packed yet or anything.. I hope to do that by mid week!! Good luck with everything. And I would also like to know the answer to the question u asked above regarding the meeting!
  10. Hello Gifts for WC?? Has anyone thought about this and if so what do you think is an appropriate gift to give??
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 I have the same issue as well with having more bridesmaids, than groomsman. From previous weddings I have been in, most have had the bridesmaids walk in by ourselves and leave with a groomsman. This is what I intend to do and just have the bestman leave with both of my matrons of honor (I have two sisters thus two matron's of honor). I have been in weddings were I have walked down with a groomsman as well, however, in this situation, there were even number. But the best man waited with the Groom at the alter so the Maid of Honor walked down by herself and left with the Best Man. If you did it this way, it would create a bigger problem with numbers as well or you could have to two bridesmaid escort each other? Maybe your WC will have some suggestions regarding this as she has probably come across it before. Are you doing a rehearsal? I plan to do one but my concern is how long it will take, I don't want to take up everyone's day and time enjoying their vacation. I have no idea what I am going to, but I am not going to stress this at all.. I do not believe they have an actual rehearsal.. but You have awhile away to plan and figure things out.. So I will try to do a review and let you know!
  12. Hello! Ok for all you past beach wedding brides.. how did you have your bridal party walk in. I have an uneven amount. More girls than guys. So I was planning on having one guy walk in with two girls, but I am not sure if the isle is wide enough for three...any suggestions!!?? -Photographer I need to make a list of pictures I want to have.. anyone regret not having a certain picture? Just curious! Thanks girls...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 I believe from Jodi's early posts, she is using Cancun florist which is a lot cheaper than Moon Palace. I am just curious on how delivery works and if MP charges any outside vendor fee. I don't want to have to pay their ridiculous prices but I also don't want to have to drag my own fake ones down there. It is like $40 just for a boutonniere. I have heard that the bouquets are large enough to split so I might be doing that, but still that's at least $40 per bouquet. Also just looking for some advice, if our groomsmen are not wearing jackets, are boutonnieres really necessary? We are only having them wear khakis and white button up shirts. Hey...our groomsmen are just wearing pistachio shirts with khaki pants without any Boutiners!I do not feel it is necessary, but it depends on the individual bride!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding Jodie did you know that you can pick the comlimentary (free) wedding and just add the extras you want. In the complimentary package you get a rose bouquet. Q: How many roses are in the complimentary Bridal Bouquet and what colors are available? A: About 20-25 roses and you decide the color of the roses. There are ivory, hot pink, light pink, yellow, orange, white, red. Hi I am doing the complimentary package... My bouquet is free and I am doing lillies... As for my bridesmaids, I have to pay like 30 piece, which is ridiculous. Thanks though!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by ashnic2005 HEY LADIES! I leave for MP on Wednesday! I can't believe its already here! I have been spending all night trying to pack all this crap I am bringing. :-) Can't wait to let you all know how it went. However, the weather said isolated showers all weekend :-( Have a great time.. and congratulations in advance!!!
  16. Congratulations and thank you so much for your review!!! I am at my final stages of planning and I am somewhat nervous, but also confident with MP! Thanks again
  17. I am just ordering individual flowers for my bridesmaids.. Palace might have beautiful flowers, but they are extremely expensive. For one single rose they are charging me 22 and for one lilie 30... so for a bouquet of 12, it is like 30 plus delivery.. anyway even if it costs me 50 it is still worth it! I think. By the way your pictures are great.. I think I will doa shutterfly also for our wedding.. Great idea, by friend told me about doing that as well.. how much did it cost you? Also, did you do a wedding review! Congratulations to you
  18. Hey girls.. I forgot who said they went to a local flower shop to get their bouquets, so I am not taking credit for this find AT ALL!! But I am purchasing a bouquet of flowers from them which is much cheaper and using individual flowers for my bridesmaids!!! Cancun florist with flowers, roses, gifts and balloons delivery in Cancun
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Janelley100 Well ladies....I did it! I finally got over my panick attack and made my own bouquets! You should have seen my kitchen table...total atom bomb of flowers, leaves, tape, feathers and anything else you can think of. They turned out wonderful and I am so proud! The black one is mine and the aqua one is my MOH's. We are finally down to almost 4 weeks before we leave....and the excitement is brewing BIG TIME! Dress fitting tomorrow evening and OOT bags are done! Yippee....I tried to post some pics below. I will try again if they don't go through. Greta job!! They look awesome.
  20. Hey girls.. I am having a beach wedding and I am wearing heels!! My question is my bridesmaids are walking down the isle and standing on the beach barefoot! My wedding starts at 6pm.. you think the sand will be ok for them?!?!?
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! Hi girls...I'm at Le Blanc just now on honeymoon...miss moon palace sooo much...it was all sooo perfect! Just want to give one piece of advise for any brides-to-be before I get round to doing a review....make a list of all the photos you want and give to your photographer....I read this advise soo much on this site and didn't do it because I had the attitude that the photographer would know what to do....however if you want specific photos, you need to let your photographer know! I completely forgot about a few photos, and am kinda sad about it...although I know my photos are gonna be amazing without them, I wish i'd remembered...just silly ones like when all the men lift the bride up, or when everyone is running into the sea....I thought I'd remember everything because I was soo into the photos...however on the day my mind just went blank! Just wanted to share my wisdom for any forthcoming brides....get an email sent to your photographer with some bullet points..or get a list printed to give them on the day Thank u thank u. I have been hearing about this all along and still haven't gotten to it. congrats again. Enjoy your honeymoon!
  22. Hello Moon Palace girls!! It has been very crazy for me this past few weeks. Trying to close on a house...had my AWESOME bachlorette party! My fiance had his bachlore party last weekend and got BADLY beaten and assaulted by staff members for no reason (we have witnesses). We had to get lawyers..we are going to catch these guys! Brighter NOTE: We got legally married on Friday !!!!ya for us!! We tried to keep it a secret, but we were too excited to keep it from our friends!! So NOW back to wedding planning! Those who have gotten married or who will be getting married...without a MC, but had the speakers and used their IPOD- who announced the bride and groom and things like that.. your first dance etc etc?? Did it seem weird using an IPOD without a DJ/MC? GOOD LUCK TO ALL =)
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by ashnic2005 The map is to large of a file to post on the forum..... You have 62 guests booked? I have about 60 coming! I heard we will be TAKEN care of! You are packing? lol. Good start. I am still trying to figure out how much sand for my sand photobox. No idea. good luck.
  24. slapsappyhappy- We were on the fence about sashes. I agree it is a waste for $3 a piece, but we decided to just use the decor company. It is a special night. Though I think it will look great with or without! Otherwise if you order it from the states it isn't that much ti bring down. I was sent samples in a flat package. think about it! Which bride ordered a birthday cake for one of their guests? My friends birthday is the day we are in Mexico- they are charging me 86 for a cake. that is ridiculous. I will argue with them about that, but I wanted to know who ordered the cake and how much they charged you.
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