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BD and TTD on your list?

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Hey folks,

A bit of background:

I've been shooting fashion here in Toronto for the past several years and have shot about 75 weddings by referral along the way. I can thank some happy, enthusiastic brides and bridesmaids for their support thus far, but I've taken a renewed interest in shooting weddings and related work this year.... so I'm doing my homework.


I've been struck by the growing interest in bridal boudoir and 'trash the dress' shoots in the US and I wondered if the trend had established itself in Canada as well. I'm curious to know whether any brides out there (anywhere) had elected to do BD pics and/or TTD shoots (I'm learning my acronyms) and whether their experience was a positive one. I'd love to offer these services to my local clients (or any Toronto area brides looking to shoot before or after their DW wink.gif) because it would seem like a natural fit given my main line of work. In any case, BD and TTD seem like a great opportunity to create some fantastic images but I wouldn't want this to come off as an up-sell. So... I wondered if these concepts were on your bridal radar... or are your to-do lists are long enough already?


Any thoughts?




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Hi and welcome to the forum!


Please make sure to read the Vendor Rules carefully (click on the link in my signature) before posting any more threads. I removed your other Newbie post as a duplicate.



BDW Mods

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