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Our flight times came in!!!!

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I don't know when it hit you gals that this is real but it just finally hit me today when our flight times came in!! We have a real plane, with real departure times!! LOL


Sorry, I'm just so excited now I wanted to share :)




AND our plane has "club class", which we got a free upgrade into! This means we get an extra 20kg EACH in luggage, and 20kg each for our carry-ons. You guys have no idea how much I've been praying for this! LOL


smile29.gifsmile72.gifsmile29.gifsmile72.gifsmile29.gif:smil e72:

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We're flying out with Nolitours/Air Transat.

I've never used Nolitours, hopefully it will be a good experience :)

They gave us a free upgrade (I think its free) to Club Class so we're already starting on the right foot! :)

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