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Excellence Punta Cana Brides Thread

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MrsBeatty, congratulations on your amazing wedding and I'm so glad to hear you had an awesome time! Great photos too, Arturo is such a nice guy, he's a cutie!!!


My wedding was on the beach as well, but we did not have the deck area as that was not built until after my wedding. The beach reception was a wild time, everyone loved it! No one complained of bug bites and I did not get a single bite and I get eaten alive, no buggies out the night of my wedding, they knew better! LOL


A side note about the transportation services - You do not need to go through that stupid orientation, Like Beatty said, it is to get you to buy excursions, it is not a resort orientation, they just make it seem that way. Every time we go to Excellence, we just get our return slip the day before I leave from the transportation company's booth. It is a nuisance and I always prefer to avoid it. If I am interested in an excursion, I go to the booth when I'm good and ready.


Also, as for the Excellence club, it is definitely not necessary and if you don't have it, you won't even realize you are missing out on anything. Because in truth, you get everything you need and then some with the regular rooms. The club just takes everything to a higher level, but if you need to save somewhere, that would be the thing to not opt into. I personally love the club and all the perks that go along with it, but its up to you to decide. If you get it on a sale and its not that much more expensive than the equivalent in the regular rooms, it is definitely worth it and I would say go for it.


Congrats again, Mrs.Beatty!!!

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Dolcenette - your summary of the excellence club is perfect.  That is exactly what I was trying to convey! 


Thanks everyone for the congrats :)  I am now going to live vicariously through all you upcoming brides!!  Lisa

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Excellence Punta Cana Review
5:00 ceremony on the beach,
August 11, 2010

Booking- A
We booked using Cheap Caribbean. It was very easy and by calling to book our family, we were able to get everyone on the same flights.  We also had transportation booked directly through Cheap Caribbean.  We did not have any problems with transportation. : )

Destination Wedding- A+++
A destination wedding was perfect for us.  Although some friends wished they could have attended, we did not invite any friends or extended family because our closest friends would not be able to attend.  However, we loved every minute of this and would not change it or anything.

Resort A +++
The resort was absolutely amazing.  After about an hour drive to the resort, we were greeted with a cold towel and a cold glass of champagne. We arrived before check-in so we walked around the resort.  When we arrived in our room, our bags had been delivered, and we had fresh fruit and a bottle of champagne waiting for us.  We did not book an upgraded room and were 100% satisfied with everything.  At first, we thought we would have preferred a room with a better view, but after a few days we realized that we could enjoy the sunlight that came from the patio door, and continue to have privacy in our room. The rooms that our family was in had a beautiful view of the cascade pool and you could hear the waterfall.  However, we realized that we loved the privacy of our room.  

Rooms- the AC wasnâ€t that great, however, my husband said the room they gave him the night before the wedding had excellent AC.  
Service- Amazing.  They do everything they can to go out of your way to take care of you.
The very first night, 10 of us went to spice.  We all sat at one table and they filled our table with plates and plates of appetizers. (We probably had about 8.)  This was great, rather than everyone ordering individuals, we all shared and were able to try everything.  Spice was fabulous.

Food-I must say that I loved every meal while I was there and we ate at every restaurant. Most of then twice!

WC prior to arrival-Isyuney
Isyuney was my original wedding coordinator who responded to the emails that I sent.  She responded to most emails pretty quickly, however she would only answer one question at a time.  If I had a list of 5 questions, she would answer one and reply and the rest would go unanswered.  I quickly learned that if she didnâ€t respond to my questions, I would either send one question at a time or email here and Anna at the same time and my questions would be answered.

WC on arrival- Griselda A+++
Two days before we left, Griselda began responding to my questions.  Then upon arrival, she was our wedding coordinator.  We met with her for about 20 minutes on the day that we arrived.  She asked us all of the same questions that are in the questionnaire that they send you.  She didnâ€t have a copy of the one that I sent but that is probably because those questions allow them to arrange for a DJ or other entertainment that you may want at your wedding.  Also, we were able to change some things that we may have originally written on the questionnaire. Griselda was very friendly.  I will say, I was a little concerned because she would just say, “ok†when I told her how I wanted the chairs and other things for the ceremony.  She didnâ€t write anything down. (I made a simple list and gave it to her because I was a little concerned)  BUT… no worries ladies EVERYTHING was more perfect than I could have imagined.
I would suggest just taking the questionnaire with you to make sure that they ask you everything. : )    Because at first I forgot to mention that some of my family also needed their hair done.  I figured they knew from the papers.  But no worries, she called the spa and made arrangements for everyone.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner B
I have been in two weddings and during rehearsal, someone always tells everyone where and when to walk and where to stand, Griselda didnâ€t do this.  But no worries, just ask questions and she will answer everything.

Rehearsal dinner was changed three times by the coordinator, but that didnâ€t bother us.  We were on vacation and weâ€re very flexible.  First were to have a sit down dinner at Tuscana, we chose a menu for that dinner.  Then Griselda informed us that she forgot that the restaurant was closed that night so we would have it on the beach with Dominican buffet.  Then, they were worried about the rain, so right before dinner they changed it again to the Dominican buffet, but inside of Tuscana.  This really didnâ€t bother us, we just went with the flow. Dinner was great.  However, looking back we wish we would have had a sit down dinner in one of the restaurants.  But then again, that was with a set menu and then people woudnâ€t get to eat what they wanted. So I guess the buffet allowed everyone to choose their own dinner.

I went to the spa around 1:00 to have my pedicure and manicure.  It was so relaxing .  After my nails were done, we went back to my room to have my hair and nails done.  They said that the air in the spa wasnâ€t working well so we went to my room. Two of the ladies from the spa came so that they could do my bridesmaids hair and my momâ€s.  I also had my make up done.  The girl, ( I wish I could remember her name) did amazing.  My hair looked better than the picture that I brought.  Also, if you donâ€t bring a picture, they have a book with pictures in it.  They are the professionals and they did fabulous.

Flowers A+++
I brought the bridesmaids flowers from home. But I chose the lilies.  I originally wanted the calla Lilly but I decided to go with the Lilly.  The bouquet was absolutely amazing. I never imagined that it would look like it did.  The picture has babies breath with it but I told her to leave that out and put the leave under the flowers. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!.   My husband also wore a lilly.  These were all included in my package. I must say, Iâ€m not a big flower person, mine always die, but my flowers were BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wedding A+++++++++
My day was absolutely perfect. The wedding was at 5pm.  I had the bridesmaids with me in the carriage and my father waited for me so that he could walk me down the aisle.  The microphone wasnâ€t working at first when the officiant started talking (again, this didnâ€t phase me) Honestly, I think they fixed it but I canâ€t remember.  The ceremony was in Spanish and the wedding coordinator translated it in English.  They didnâ€t tell me this ahead of time but I found out when she started speaking : )  Again, no worries, I was in their country. After the ceremony, we were served champagne and we cut our cake on the beach.  It was absolutely beautiful and the cake was delicious.  I chose a cake from a different package but just a smaller version.  : )  I also brought my own ribbon for around the cake.

We then went around the resort to different spots to take photos.  I brought two photographers with me.

We had our dinner in Chez Isabelle.  Because there were only 12 of us total, we only had dinner, no reception.  Griselda, set up the table better than I had requested.  I brought stones for inside of the vases and ribbon for around the top of vases along with peacock feathers and ribbon for the napkins.  It looked absolutely amazing. She added water and floating candles to our vases.  I couldnâ€t have asked for anything else. : )   Also, dinner was absolutely the best yet.  However, I only had two bites because I got sick and had to leave the restaurant.  So my wedding night was cut short, no dancing at the disco and no watching the Michael Jackson show.  But hey, Iâ€m just thankful that my sickness held off until dinner. : ) It could have been much worse.

Our day was perfect. I couldnâ€t not have asked for anything more. Griselda did a phenomenal job.

Cake- A
Although I only had one small bite of the cake, because I got very sick, everyone told me how great it was.  We had vanilla cake with raspberry icing.

Everything was Beautiful.  It was the wedding of my dreams.  


Here is a link to just a few of our photos


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Mrs. Beatty,


Reading your review was sooo helpful!  Thank you so much for taking the time to do that =)


I have a few quick questions:

Did you have to book DR Mannia in advance or did the WCs do that for you?

What chairs did you use for the ceremony?  I'm definitely bringing sashes but I really like the white covers on the chairs that you had. 


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mbd - So sorry you got sick on your wedding night  =(    Luckily, though, it sounds like you got to enjoy the day!


What questionaire did they send you?  We're getting married in Feb and I've been in touch with a few different WCs but still haven't gotten any specifics down.  Did you guys seem to do a lot of planning in the 20 minutes you met with Griselda on the day you arrived?  Also, how many days before your wedding were you there.  (Sorry so many questions; your review just got me thinking...)


Also thanks to you for taking the time to do that review.  Reading it was really helpful and much appreciated by all us future EPC brides!

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Thanks Ladies for the reviews. Everything looked wonderful!


 I'm ALMOST to the 100 days to go mark & I can't wait to see EPC for myself!!

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