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  1. Showtime 1111 - Did you book Agave for your reception already? If so how did you do that. I def want to be inside for my reception but was told it depending on availability. Â Also, since you've stayed at the Excellence a few times before I was wondering if you had any preference as far as rooms go. I've heard rumors that the rooms on the first floors can get musty. Did you ever have that experience?
  2. fmichelle - How many people are coming to your wedding? We invited 50 (invites just went out last week!) and are using a travel agent through destinationweddings.com. For us it was just easier to do it this way rather than get frustrated by doing it ourselves. Our guest have the option of getting flight info from her. Otherwise, they can find their own flights and just book the room through her so that we can all be in the same area at the resort. Â Our TA found our flights - $470/person when we booked back in July. My FI's grandparents booked via orbitz a few weeks ago and their came out to about $600/person. Regardless of how your guests book make sure they do it sooner rather than later. Â From my understanding, the silver and gold dinner options can be served in a location of your choice. There's the cascade pool, garden or the beach where it could be private - all the locations are included in the packages. I'd asked about being able to have an indoor reception and was told it depending on "availability". I've seen pictures on the other forum from wedding receptions that were inside the resturant that isn't open for dinner. They were able to set up a DJ/iPod and had the whole place to themselves - that's what I'm shooting for. Â I know they can have small wedding parties in the resturants b/c we saw it while we were there. I don't know if those people were able to have the silver menu served in there though and they didn't have any special music. Â As far as speakers, they charge you. I have a "list of extras" which includes prices which I'd be happy to send you. Â Â Â
  3. mbd - So sorry you got sick on your wedding night =( Luckily, though, it sounds like you got to enjoy the day! Â What questionaire did they send you? We're getting married in Feb and I've been in touch with a few different WCs but still haven't gotten any specifics down. Did you guys seem to do a lot of planning in the 20 minutes you met with Griselda on the day you arrived? Also, how many days before your wedding were you there. (Sorry so many questions; your review just got me thinking...) Â Also thanks to you for taking the time to do that review. Reading it was really helpful and much appreciated by all us future EPC brides!
  4. Mrs. Beatty, Â Reading your review was sooo helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that =) Â I have a few quick questions: Did you have to book DR Mannia in advance or did the WCs do that for you? What chairs did you use for the ceremony? I'm definitely bringing sashes but I really like the white covers on the chairs that you had. Â
  5. Mrs. Beatty - You're wedding looked FABULOUS and you looked so gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. gamcdiarmid, I'm in the same boat as you. We're getting married in February at 5pm and originally the WC scheduled us for 4pm. I thought this was a mistake but when I asked her she said having the ceremony at 4 would give us time for pictures. I'm wondering if I should switch the time back to 4pm. Â I'll let you know if I find anything out.
  7. Congrats Mrs. Beatty! I'm new to the site but have read some of your older posts in the forum and it's SO GREAT to hear that you're wedding was success. Â Hi ladies! Another newbie just wanting to say hello =) The FI and I are getting married at the Excellence in Punta Cana on Feb 20th 2011. Reading through the posts has been very helpful, however I do have some questions about various things (flowers, slide show, iPod/speakers etc). If I post them, will any (or all!) of you be willing to try and answer them? Â Thanks! Really looking forward to working with you girls! Â -m
  8. Hi ladies, Â I'm a newbie to the site and just wanted to say hello. I am just getting this destination wedding process rolling and am still trying to figure out how to navigate around this website (ignore my 1st post in this forum b/c I didn't intend for it to be posted. Â The bf and I are scheduled to get married at the Excellence on feb 20th 2011. Â So far, everyone's info/advise/experiences have been SO helpful for me to read. I'm looking forward to working with all you ladies! Â -M
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