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These came out so nice... OMG sooo many geat ideas on this forum... I have a huge list of stuff I want o do... :-)

I completely agree with you! I have SO many things bookmarked! ...and I literally just started a DIY list of things I wanted to create bc of all of the FANTASTIC ideas that I'm getting off this site!!! smile159.gif

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I was trying to figure out how to make these last night in Powerpoint and this is how I felt BangHead.gif

So I Google how to make the words go in a circle around the object and it didn't work.

Randomly, after I had spent multiple hours, I was like 2-3 something in the morning....

I had an idea for something in Publisher so I tried something because I was determined to make it work . idea.gif

(I admit this wedding has enhanced my Type A personality! lol) 

It worked with the exception of the words on the bottom of the label are upside down (because of how it goes in a complete circle)!

So, this was essentially me after that (at like 3:30 in the morning)....elefant.gif


The things I will do for this wedding, even though it's a little under a year away! lol stupid.gif


As a note, I don't know if I have used Publisher before. But, it is absolutely amazing! I think I will be using it for all of my remaining DIY needs! cool.gif

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