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  1. I want one for our Sand Ceremony. If you have seen them recently, please tell me where. Thanks so much
  2. Just wondering if anyone has seen the beer koozies at HL recently. Heading over there on Saturday but thought I would ask 1st. Thank you
  3. I live in Ontario but I am heading over to Buffalo this week? Before I order from Amazon, can anyone tell me if the Christmas Tree Shoppe carries boxes of individual packets of meds like Advil, Pepto, etc? Thank you
  4. Down to the last few things to make!! Please post your DIY Luggage Tags to give me some ideas Thank you so much!
  5. I have tried both but no luck. Hmmm...have to do some researching tonight at work and find another place.
  6. Thank you!!! I am going to order a case! Maybe not..is anyone else having issues ordering online from Dollar Tree?
  7. I was looking at ordering a case of the clear tumblers from Dollar Tree. For those that have bought them...are they a decent quality? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, From Hamilton, Ontario and we are getting married April 17, 2015 in Varadero, Cuba..everything booked. Bought my dress that I am absolutely in love with and going to start look at bridesmaid dresses too. I love BDW..so much helpful information
  9. We are going to Varadero, Cuba. I would like to buy boxes of medications such as pepto, advil, etc and prepackage them myself with cute labels and bags. Am I able to do this before hand or will I have a problem with the meds not being in the original package? TIA
  10. Interested in the luggage tags if they are still available!!!!!
  11. I've been searching high and low for decent bags for our OOT tote bags. I would love to keep the cost down but yet want a sturdy bag. I've looked at cheaptotes, oriental trading, and vista print. I would be ironing on a logo onto the bag. Would like to know if you recommend cheaptotes? TIA
  12. Hey! I just designed luggage tag business cards on vistaprint and was wondering where to buy the holders for them? I live in Ontario, Canada but have a mailbox in the US so either or. Thanks in advance!
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