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  1. The vases? I have 8 for sale. I think they're from Afloral Hi Lynsey, I emailed the pics a while ago (when you first asked) did you not get them?
  2. updated prices!! Chair sashes $30 + shipping Vases + lights $25 + shipping Flowers $20+shipping moving in 4 weeks, want this stuff gone!!
  3. We had a PERFECT wedding! We brought a lot of our own stuff (anyone else notice how they charge you an arm and a leg just to rent stuff!) and now we need to get rid of it all. See pics for details. All items would be shipped from Kitchener On, Canada. Please msg me for rates (I've looked into a few and they can be fairly cheap if you select the 5 day shipping. 1. 50 Chair sashes. These turned out beautiful - see pics from actual wedding. good quality - sewn edges so no fraying. 25 yellow 25 royal blue. They are very wrinkly (WC just threw them in a bag post wedding) but I checked them all - still in great condition just need to be steamed to get wrinkles out (maybe iron or dryer would even work? not sure!) $40 for all 50 (+ shipping). 2.8 plastic vases - great for travelling - if you're doing your own centre pieces you don't have to worry about being over weight or them breaking in your luggage!!! I used them as my centrepices & table numbers!!! 5 have numbers added (2 sides of vase) using silhouette vinyl - can easily be removed and 1 has Mr & Mrs (one side) as it was used at our sweetheart table. tables 1-5 + 1 sweetheart table (see pic - Mr & Mrs) + 2 blank vases See images $30 for all 8 (+ shipping). $5 for the clear LED underwater lights (8). 3. Foam flowers these flowers are great for crafts. I wanted to make pomander balls - sort of ran out of time. 1 was made (see image) and then I have 38 more yellow flowers and 40 orange/peach flowers (image makes them look pink, they're not). $30 for 1 pomander ball + 78 + foam flowers (+shipping) please message with any questions
  4. I have 8 plastic vases - great for travelling - if you're doing your own centre pieces you don't have to worry about being over weight or them breaking in your luggage!!! I used them as my centrepices & table numbers!!! 5 have numbers added (2 sides of vase) using silhouette vinyl - can easily be removed and 1 has Mr & Mrs (one side) as it was used at our sweetheart table. tables 1-5 + 1 sweetheart table (see pic - Mr & Mrs) + 2 blank vases See images asking $40.00 for all 8 ( + shipping from Ontario, Canada) Msg me if interested or have questions.
  5. hey ladies, only 43 days till I tie the knot at the iberostar bavaro! They've been great so far, if you have any questions let me know! The biggest complaint I have is the extra $$ charges - they charge if you want an open bar at your reception - which to me is silly since it's an all inclusive so if people walk around the corner to the regular bar it'd be free, but we thought it was important for our guests to have drinks with dinner so we will pay the fee (which isn't cheap - $15 per person USD for 3 hours for limited drinks - wine or beer - if you want more options its even more pricey). I will post an extensive review when we get back, but for now let me know if you have any questions - I've probably asked them already Happy planning!
  6. I'm an iberostar bavaro bride!!! June 3rd 2014 can't help you with any real reviews yet, but the coordinators are really nice, and really organized from the emails we've exchanged. They're also patient with my tons and tons of questions!!
  7. June 3rd 2014- Iberostar Bavaro.. can't come soon enough!!!
  8. since they're all paying for their own trips we are covering the costs for the bridesmaids(6)and groomsmen's (5) outfits. Girls dresses were about $150-$190 (we let them choose the style as long as colour and fabric were the same) and guys outfits are <$100 so it's not too big of a deal considering they're paying $1200+ to come to the wedding, it's the least we can do. Everyone was very grateful for it, and it was a surprise to most, so I assume they also would have been okay paying themselves
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsHK I'm just starting to work on a website, so for now I have a list with pricing as well as a link to a Dropbox folder with all the photos. If you PM me your email address I can send you the Dropbox link so you can look at photos of everything. I know this isn't exactly the right thread to post this in... but maybe some fellow Canadian brides would be interested in see the list as well? Sorry if it is too far off topic! Here's a partial list with pricing below, PM me for the full list and further details on an affordable rental! Lighting $8 ea. - Gold lantern - 8" tall (I have 6) $8 ea. - White lantern - 8" tall (I have 7) $8 ea. - Hanging white railroad lantern with hook ($7 ea. without hook) - 9" tall (I have 20) $10 ea. - Black lantern - 12" tall (I have 8) $12 ea. - Charcoal grey lantern - 15" tall (I have 3) $8 ea. - Bombillos (oil lamp glass top) with brass buckets, to be filled with sand and lit with a candlestick (real flame), also available with silver tin buckets instead of brass (I have 14) $2 ea. - 8 oz Mason jars wrapped in a woven cotton material (I have 8) $2 ea. - 16 oz Mason jars wrapped in twine (I have 8) $3 ea. - 32 oz Jars wrapped in burlap (I have 8) $1 ea. - Clear tealight holders (I have 16) $1 ea. - Small glass jar tea light holders (I have 16) $2 ea. - Gold mercury glass tealight holders (I have 24) $2 ea. - Pink frosted glass tea light holders (I have 9) $0.50 - $1 ea. - Candlesticks for bombillos & brass/tin buckets / Real flame tealights / Pillar candles $1.50 -$3 ea. - LED tea lights, wax votives, $3 ea. - LEDvotives - LED light with wax votive (I have 6) $3 ea. - LEDpilar - LED pilar candle (I have 16) $15 ea. - Stringlighting - Globe bulb string lighting with 25 bulbs (I have 14 strands) $10 ea. - Christmas lights - (I have 6 strands, will be getting more) Paper lanterns of various sizes and colours with lights for inside - tiffany blue, ivory, white $2 ea. - 8" - (6 ivory, 3 tiffany blue) $2.50 ea.- 10" & 12" (15 of each size in white) $3 ea. - 16" (15 white, 3 ivory, 4 tiffany blue) $4 ea. - 24" (4 ivory, 5 tiffany blue) $1 ea. - LED light/battery powered lightbulb for hanging inside paper lantern $1 ea. - Paper bag votives to be used with LED pilar candle (I have 6) Bottles/Vases/Jars for Rustic Vintage Centrepieces Bottles $1 ea. - Variety of small bottles - (I have 56) 6"-8" tall $1 ea. - Blue vintage style bottles (I have 8) 6.5" tall $3 ea. - Vintage apothecary bottles, truly vintage, various sizes from 3"-7" (I have 8 clear, 6 teal & 2 brown) $1 ea. - 375 mL Jack Daniel's bottle (I have 1) - 8" tall $2 ea. - Round Flor de Caña bottle (I have 2) - 8" tall $3 ea. - Bulliet Bourbon bottles (I have 6, will be getting more) - 9.5" tall $3 ea. - Variety of large size liquor bottles (I have 30) - 10"-12.5" tall $3 ea. - Blue vintage style bottle (I have 3) - 11" tall Vases $3 ea. - Wine carafes - (I have 6) - 10" tall $2 ea. - Mismatched clear, white & blue vases (I have 11) - 6"-9" tall Mason Jars $2 ea. - Mason8oz - Medium 8oz mason jars (I have 18) $3 ea. - Large 16 oz round mason jars (I have 19) $3 ea. - Large 16 oz hanging mason jars with lids wrapped in twine for aisle (I have 6) Bottles, vases and mason jars can be wrapped in lace or burlap for an extra $1 per item. Photo Booth $10 - Set of Photo Booth props (moustaches, lips, glasses, etc) $5 ea. - Frames for photobooth props (one white, one teal, one silver) $10 - Vintage camera for decor $15 - Lace fabric for photobooth backdrop $5 - Vintage mirror (actual mirror part is broken, can be used as a prop) $5 - "Step Right Up, Take a Photograph" sign Signs & Frames $12 - White antiqued frame for table assignment display $17 - Hand painted wooden "Welcome" sign $10 - Gold glittery "Cards" banner sign to hang across vintage suitcase or birdcage $5 ea. - Table number/name frames (customizable) $10 - Customizable vintage style banner that I can assemble for you, you choose the wording, possible to make 2 or 3 banners depending on the letters required (pictured is "The HKs") $5 ea. - Photo boards for displaying family photos $8 per strand - Papel Picado - coloured or all white (I have 20 strands w 10 plastic flags each) $8 - Handmade "Just Married" sign $8 - Turquoise wooden ampersand Runners & Napkins $12 ea. - Burlap table runners - (various lengths, please let me know what size you need) $10 ea. - Lace table runners (3 types & various lengths, please let me know what size you need) $12 ea. - Navy blue & white striped cloth runners (I have 10, 8ft long, 2ft wide) $5 ea. - Navy accent pieces for cocktail/guestbook/dessert tables (I have 2 - one is 29in x 60in, one is 30in x 51in) $5 ea. - Navy blue & white striped accent squares for cocktail/guestbook/dessert tables (I have 5 - 32inx32in) Other $18 - Gold metal birdcage - approx 2 ft tall $16 - White metal birdcage - approx 16" tall (top opens) $15 - Flower garlands for gazebo - purple and white flowers $1 ea. - Tiffany blue fans (15 of these, photo coming soon) $2 ea. - Sandalwood fans (20 of these) $2 ea. - Tin buckets - 4" tall $12 - Large oval tin bucket for drinks (inquire for pricing to be delivered with ice & Mexican craft beer) $4 ea. - Wooden crates - (I have 7, will be getting more) $18 - Vintage suitcase - brown (inquire for pricing for cigar & whisky bar) $14 - Vintage suitcase - white $28 - Vintage trunk $4 ea. or 3 for $10 - Vintage books, variety of sizes & colours $5 ea. - Parasols in ivory, blue and white - 7 ivory, 1 ivory kid's, 1 blue kid's $20 - Globe $5 - Small treasure trunk for displaying favours $1 ea. - Rose petal cones for tossing petals after ceremony I'm also available to make custom hangtags, Oh Shit! Kits, Welcome Booklets and other items for OOT bags and wedding favours. Let me know what sort of thing you're looking for! I wish there was someone like you in Punta Cana!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by smithandsweet I know what you mean. I have a list of so much I want to see but it is taking me so long to get to that 150 posts. you can do it!!! Honestly, I just went around and everyone who's ideas or templates I liked, I commented and thanked them for sharing. This is great because 1. you can thank people for their awesomeness 2. you get closer to your 150 and 3. youre now subscribed so it's an easy way of making a 'bookmarked list' in a sense! In many cases I shared my opinions on random topics, which honestly I doubt most people care about, but hey, I think we're all understanding that sometimes comments are just comments to get closer to 150
  11. thanks for sharing! super interesting about the coach buses... I will have to look into that, we're flying from Toronto and a lot of the guests are from the Kitchener/Waterloo area
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride Why not send your playlists/requests to the DJ in advance? From what I've seen and read so far, most of them are very accommodating. we don't have any contact with the DJ in advance, just the wedding coordinator. No big deal though, I bring my iPod with me everywhere
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennkn87 150! YAY!!! me too!!! yay us!!
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