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Sunquest - Free stuff?

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The 16th person free varies by resort AND by carrier.

When we were researching resorts some were 1 in 11, 1 in 16, 1 in 21, 1 in 32...

The riu's (which I think sunquest is the exclusive carrier in my area) were different based on location. I think the Mexican Riu's required the most number of people for a complementary trip. But at ROR, we got 1 in 16, if we would have got enough Jr. suites booked by a certain time it would have been 1 in 11. But we didn't get it. and we were short 2 people for 2 free trips sad.gif But one was a help!

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Does that mean you have to book specific rooms (i.e. standard vs junior suites) in order to get the complimentary trip? My TA told me it was every 17th person free, minimum 10 rooms booked at ROR, out of Toronto and the free stuff from Sunquest.


Has anyone also been told it's best to hold off and wait until Nov-Dec 2009 for any group package deals for 2010? When was the earliest anyone booked their trip? I'm too excited and impatient to wait, I feel like I have to DO something!! LOL

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Hi Sherryl,


We are getting married May 2010 at RIU Ocho Rios--I put out invites in Feb and asked guests to rsvp by a certain date, jjust so we could get the group started-and confirmed the wedding we booked seperately with the resort....(in order to confirm the weddin you needed the booking reference) Now that the group booking is started, anyone can add on between now and then- f theres space of course.


We have 25 guests, plus ourselves--we wanted to give the guests a least a years notice so they could be prepared.


We're getting a bit of grief from some people.....asking why so early, and wondeirng if the prices will go down if they waited to book.


It's our wedding--we're also excited, and we want some sort of plan in motion.


Having said all this--Im a bit confused about the prices.


ANyone else book thru sunquest a year or so in advance? We were quoted a rate of 1904...group rate from toronto....HOWEVER, now the 2010 brochure is printed for Sunquest...and it turns out that the individual printed price is cheaper then our group rate! I chated to our travel agent over this--apparently she'll have to "fight" with sunquest about this? I think she thinks Im being picky over the sake of 60 or 70 bucks...but why the hell nothuh.gif??


Anyone know if theres a chance our group rate will drop? Ive heard of this happening......I dont understand how our group rate is higher then the rate printed int he brochure--Im having difficulty explaining this to our guests..lol

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If anyone has any questions about sunquest let me know - I'm an official pro at this now



Sunquest offers different 1 in every for almost all there hotels - riu santa fe where I'm going is 1 in 11. I'm pretty sure we will hit 55 so that's a huge chunk of cash!!


With it I'm doing some special things for my guests like chartering a sunset cruis

ed. U will get burned. I had to wait tilmiddle of march for nov rates. It was worth it. I got the santa fe for 1370 each including tax.


This is 300 lower then the price quoted in Jan when I had it quoted. Also until the books are published you won't know the 1 in every. That can chanhe also. In jan the palace was 1 in eleven now its 1 in 16.


To qualify for the 1 in every your guests will have to book by a certain date. In my case that is June 30


After thid they do not qualify for group pricing or for your 1 in every.


To the last minute travellers like me. I've never booked ahead for the last 6 yrs, since I started travelling 18. But your guests shold know that this year the travel comps have slashed their flights due to the economic times.


For instance there has always been a mon and thurs flight to cabo this year there will only be mon.


This winter that ast was the first year in a very long time that the deals were not there, if your guests want to risk it they can.


I just gave my guests this info so they were aware.


I think that's it. Let me know if u have other questions.


Google sunquest group rates and u can usually find there brochure with details of what u get back.


I will try to attach it another time, on my blackberry right now so I can't.


Anyway as far as when to book. DO NOT book until the book rates are published

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Sorry for all the spelling errorsd there! I can't see everything I type on here.


The part about the getting burned. That's about booking before the books are out. That wasn't very clear.

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I found this on a press release on sunquests website - as long as your group books by June 30, you qualify. If your travel agent hasnt made you aware of this - i would switch travel agents...........


There are a number of benefits to be reaped when you travel as a group, this includes complimentary stays for group leaders (such as RIU’s ‘Every 11th passenger travels free’ promo, which expires on June 30, 2009); the various Skyservice promotions (complimentary advance seating, drink voucher & headsets) on bookings made by June 26, 2009; the Kids Pack promo; and Special Weddings Gifts (a $500 future travel voucher and a credit voucher up to $500 to use at the Sunquest Boutique) all courtesy of Sunquest.

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Thanks for all the extra information! We have booked through Sunquest and are already at 16 people - yay, one free!


With the gift certificate for the Sunquest boutique, when did everyone received the actual card? I'm guessing once the trip balance is paid up for everyone?

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