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EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations and I'm very happy that things are changing in RIU.


Your wedding, I'm sure it will be amazing.

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this whole thing is crazy...Im glad you got your way. I too brought in my own florist and Photographer. So I didnt get the whole craziness.

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Hello Lisa,

Yip, the Riu now does not allow any outside vendor to do their work there, it is true, they're pretty special in that regard, though it is a nice hotel, quite cool. I just delivered yesterday the photos for a couple that did NOT have their ceremony at the hotel. The hotel authorities only allow us outside-vendors to spend ONLY 15 min. inside their hotel, deliver our work to the guest and leave. It's pretty strict, though I wouldn't say they're ugly to us "outsiders", they're just strict popcorn.gif


I understand that, YES, if an outside wedding agency does the wedding for a couple, then they charge each one $100 dollars a head (WC, Photographer, assistant, and any body else). I feel it's a bit too strict but it's a chain of hotels from Spain, so they are a little different from the rest, I guess more business-oriented in a more strict-tight-way.

But make your e-mail good with Riu, if you were told it was ok, then, she should honor that S&M.gif, Lisa



Originally Posted by lgarner83 View Post
So, last September I sent an Email to Erika at Riu Santa Fe ensuring that I can bring in a photographer/videographer and she responded "yes" but they will have to pay a guest day pass. Fine! Great! So we hired Alberto Misrachi and paid our deposit to him. Well, this morning I sent her this email because we've selected the Royal package and would also like to use the resort photographer that comes with the package, here is the email I sent her and she responded a little while ago within the email (I bolded her answers):


Hi Erika,


How are you? I have a couple more questions for you:


1) Our package comes with a photographer however we are also bringing our own photographer as well. The resort doesn't allow to have external suppliers. We would still like to use the RIU photographer though and we were wondering if there was a designated time that we have to use your photographer or can we choose when we want her to take our pictures? For example we want to have our photographer shoot the ceremony and afterwards on the beach, so can we have the RIU photographer take pictures of me getting ready? Yes you cah choose the time that you would like to have your pictures. Or even the next day in the ocean? How long do we have her for? With the normal package you have like 1 hour before the cermony during this and after the ceremony.

2) What is the back up plan in case it rains? Can you send me a picture of space used in case it rains? We can move your ceremony to a close area like the conference rooms.

Thank you!

Lisa G


WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE MEAN THAT EXTERNAL SUPPLIERS ARE NOT ALLOWEDhuh.gifhuh.gif? She already told me yes! and I know for a fact that other Riu Santa Fe brides have brought in photographers!!! WHAT THE HELLhuh.gifhuh.gif I emailed her back asking her ( a lot more politely than this post lol) what she meant and copied and pasted our previous emails about the subject so I'll keep you all updated. OMG.

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