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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sgbrown Hi ladies, First, thanks for all the support. It really helps to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I've been speaking with my travel agent this morning and it looks like she's going to try and re-route our group to another resort in either the Dominican, Cuba, Jamaica, wherever! I really don't want to move out of Mexico, but it looks like MANY of our guests will cancel if we don't. In fact, we've had about 12 already cancel. Although I don't share their fears about contracting the flu, I am sensitive to the fact that its their health and their decision. At the end of the day, I want to enjoy my wedding experience and if moving away from Mexico helps, then I'm all for it. I'll keep you guys posted on any developments... Hello! This flu thing sucks!! Our flight leaves on Monday and our guests are dropping out too. I was wondering if you TA has found another destination and are you still able to get married there? That is my concern. I wouldn't mind changing resorts, but I do still want to get married!!! This is sssooo upsetting!! Less than a week before travel and this happens?? It's so hard to make a decision
  2. Lisa - yes, as far as I know we needed to have it done. I am sure my TA called our resort, as well as the Mexican Cosulate to see what we needed. I know that all of this is not required in the Mayan, Cancun, etc - my TA hasn't had to gather all this information before....it was new to her. Hope this helps!! I wouldn't have spent the money either if I didn't have to. I believe when it goes to Ottawa, they notorize it & authenticate it - both for the $90. It is alot of work but had to be done....more work than most other areas. Good luck!! The list of things needed above, are exactly what Erika sent me to have done & sent to her.
  3. abbygirl

    Hair and Makeup at RIU Palace

    Hi! I haven't heard too many good reviews re: hair & makeup at the Renova Spa....their spa services are good though. I am getting married at the Santa Fe and was thinking about the spa, since I wanted to stay on the resort....BUT I didn't want to chance my hair not turning out very well. I am booked with Suzanne Morel - all her reviews are amazing Neysa also does a fantastic job, I hear. Good luck with your planning!!!! By the way, I read a review on her that the Bride and her MOH went to Renova for their trial and ended up cancelling their appointment for her wedding day....that is when I got a little frightened. Just an fyi.
  4. Hi Lisa, We are getting married in about two weeks, so I have all the documents & can help you out with this. My travel agent helped me, so I definitely have all the right information - as well, I have sent it to Erika (WC) already. To start, you will have to go to the government site to get your "Long Form Birth Certificate" - once ordered, over the internet, it will take about 3 weeks to be delivered. Then, the Long Form Birth Certificates get sent to Ottawa - Mexican Consulate.... This is from my travel agent: I have just spoken with the Meixican Consulate. The fee for Legalization is $ 47.00 CAD per person. This will be $ 94.00. It must be in the form of Money Order made payable to the Embassy of Mexico. We don't need to have the original birth certificate translated until after the Authentication and Legalization. (the above, in Ottawa, takes about 2-3 weeks) The translation has to be done by a certified person, not just anyone - just to let you know. If you need the name of the girl we used, just let me know. I believe my total cost for two of them was $90 - ($45 each) - there was another person for about $300, yes....crazy!!! I believe that is all - let me know if you need any help! or I am missing something. Melissa
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by HpyBride You have nothing to worry about... she's amazing! We just got back from our wedding and honeymoon in Cabo and used the Riu Santa Fe photographer. I can't say enough good things about her. She worked so hard to get as many pictures as possible. You won't be disappointed. I'll post pictures as soon as possible. Thank you so much!! I am really happy to hear that. I am thinking that this change was for the better :) I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see your pictures! I am leaving in less than 2 weeks.....May 9 is my big day
  6. abbygirl

    Make-Up By Suzanne Morel

    Thanks for the tip with bringing your own lipstick or gloss!! Good point I am booked with Suzanne as well, but I am not having a trial done. I've heard some many good reviews that I just thought there is no need to worry!! Question: Do you think Suzanne's salon does just regular hairstyles - or do you think they can be creative? I heard from one bride that their salon only does basic styles. What do you think? I am looking for something natural anyways, but just curious!!
  7. Hello!!! Can anyone help me? I remember reading about a bride that used "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" while signing their registry. I believe it was a bit slower version than usuaul. I can't seem to locate it again. Thanks!
  8. abbygirl

    Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mike-n-Em goosie52- I'm also getting married at 6 and steakhouse for dinner at 7:45. Our wedding is next Wednesday, I'll let you know how everything goes with the lighting and such for pictures. Congrats!!! I bet you are super excited!! I leave in 2.5 weeks....can't wait!! Look forward to hearing all about it - and lots of pics Are you using the hotel photographer? Have a great time!!!!
  9. abbygirl

    Ahhh It's my turn!!

    Congrats!! Have fun....enjoy every minute!!!
  10. abbygirl

    Neysa Berman

    Hello! I received prices by the individual, when I got a quote...interesting. As well, the response time from Neysa wasn't that great - it took me at least a week to get an email response. Any time I get in touch with Suzanne Morel, she calls me right away - speaks very good english I really like both Neysa's work & Suzanne's - I booked with Suzanne since she is very professional & organized. Hope this helps! I think whoever you choose will do a fantastic job!!!!
  11. Great news ladies!!!!! I received the new photographers link to his website....amazing pictures!! It appears this change has happened for the best I am so excited!!!!! I know, the next request is for the link....so, here it is: http://web.mac.com/cabophotography ENJOY!!
  12. abbygirl

    DIY flowers in cabo

    Hello!! I am creating my own bridesmaid bouquets for my wedding. I used to do floral design too!! I couldn't see paying them $75 per bouquet when I can make something nice myself. There are several flower shops downtown - and one just down the road from the Palace, so I wouldn't worry. The prices are about the same as here. If you are looking for Calla Lilies, there are $5 each. I looked around while I was on my site visit. I am going to wait until I get down there to order my flowers. I arrive on a Monday, I will go and order my flowers Tuesday - get married on Saturday. Hope this helps!
  13. abbygirl

    Whats your favorite drink?

    Mmmm, miami vice is delicious!! the mojito's are great too! - i haven't tried a blended one though?? for those of us Canadian's....the RIU Santa Fe has Ceasers!!!....sooo good too! I couldn't believe it.
  14. Thanks ladies!!! I am sure everything will turn out fine It is just a little frustrating with the changes - but maybe this is a good thing?? I did happen to get a couple of pics from my WC and they look good. I received them through email so I don't think I can paste them in here....I am not great with computers...LOL...I tried putting a ticker on here several times, with no luck..hahaha!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Monkbridetobe dont worry, we just got back from the riu & got our engagment photos done.... they were incredible! Oh, that is good news! Thanks for letting me know!! I appreciate it