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HI I am "raeyah" !


I wish I had more information to post, but we became engaged only a week ago on Valentine's Day......


I do not have a date or a location. My Fiance really wants a destination wedding just the two of us. We are a fairly private and intimate couple, so I think the suggestion is romantic and reflects our lifestyle.


I am searching through the forums trying to lean on others expereince so that we can make a good decisions.



thanks :)

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First Congrats on your very recent engagement. You sound like my hubby and I when we were planning our Destination wedding. We choose to get married in Cabo, for several reasons really. But there are SO many beautiful locations, that I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for the two of you to share. Best of luck in your planning process.


And a big shout out to a fellow Michigan BTB. :-)

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That is really funny Tammy, because we are thinking Cabos and I just moved from Wolverine Lake a year ago ! lol


We are considering Los Cabos in November, becasue of the Baja racing. That way we can watch the race, do the beach thing, and get married all around our anniversary ....


The only thing that makes me kind of hesitant is that all of the DW pic online are at resorts and there are random vacationers 20 feet away...


I am hoping to have a private ceremony just the two of us on the beach or by the rocks... Is it possible ? Where should I look?



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