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  1. I also asked about the ceremonies.. They said the symbolic ceremony script is the closest to what the civil cereomony is.. there is no reference to god. I had to request to have our maid of honor & best man to be a part of the signing of the marriage certificate.
  2. Has anyone ever heard of the ebay user gianiarbridal, seems like the majority of the reviews are quite good. and very decent prices. eBay Seller: gianinarbridal: Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com apparently Duosheng has a page where they show the dresses that they have made. They seem pretty decent as well. I actually ordered from them a few days ago. here's the page if you want to see their work ʱÃÂ×îȨÃþµÄʱÉÃÆ·ÅÆ·þÊÎ
  3. congrats!!! and welcome to the forums!! hpe you find what you are lookin for.
  4. Congratulations Meghan! welcome to the forums!! and best of luck with the planning!! you'll find everything you need on this forum!!
  5. everything looks great!! your guests will absolutely love your oot BAGS!!
  6. congratulations Danielle!! welcome to the forums
  7. congratulations Cheryl!!! welcome to the forums, and best of luck with the planning!!
  8. incredible pictures.. your photographer did a wonderful job!!! you guys look awesome!!!
  9. congrats LeAnn.. best of luck with the planning!!! and welcome to the best wedding forum ever!!
  10. wow.. that dress looks amazing on you.. perfect for a destination wedding..
  11. I'll take all the fans, if they're still available
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