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OMG . . . I just had a positive home pregnancy test!


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OMG. This is insane.


I just took a home test and saw a positive result. My fiancee, who is a pilot, is away from home flying on a trip now. And I am sitting here freaking out.


I took a test, just to "rule it out", because my boobs had been swollen longer than the normal period cycle. I have been tired because I have been working way too many hours. I have not been sick at all.


If this is confirmed, what the hell are we going to do? We are set to get married in Jamaica in July. My God, people have paid their deposits on our villa rental . . . my head is just spinning.


And if this is true, I have been taking my regular meds (I have a chronic pain condition), and I drink coffee in the morning and eat sushi at least once a week. I know that I am not supposed to do this if I am pregnant!


I have been realizing lately that I do "feel ready" to have kids (I am almost 36), and recently commented to finacee that I would like to get pregnant in about a year. While this could be a blessing, I am just so shocked right now as I have been on the pill for many, many years!


Obviously, I need to go to my doctor to get this confirmed. But, holy crap!!


If anyone else has been in this situation and can give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hey there I was in the same situation last month, freaking out my wedding was 4 months away too and we werent planning on getting pregnant until after we were married since we waited this long anyway but things happen for a reason. Are you on the pill now? Take a breather maybe take another test (I took like 3 or 4), call your fiance and then call your doctor in the morning. If you need to talk PM me :) Good luck with everything!

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sweetie there are quite a few BDW brides who were mommies-to-be at their weddings :) so you are NOT alone. just wait, hopefully some of them will chime in.


take a deep breath! have you called him and left a message to get ahold of you when he lands?


at the most you would be what, 7 or 8 months at the wedding? worst case senario you have to make some major alterations to the dress. like you said, you were planning on starting a family in about a year, and you already plan on commiting your lives to each other, so if you are preggo, its not like you are planning a shotgun or anything :) people already know that is not the only reason you are getting married, so that part is taken care of! phew!


everything will be fine :) just breathe and get to a doc asap. did you take a digital test, or multiple tests?


and while you wait, there is a mommies to be thread running around here somewhere, you can read up on all that :)


{{HUGS}} and keep us updated!

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Yes - I have been on the pill!!


I am going to take another test and I already put in a request for a doctor appointment (online).


Should I take the other test right away or wait until the morning??


I know that we can handle this . . . but . . . wow.


My parents are gonna lose it - my younger sis was 4 months pregnant when she got married and my Dad was livid.


Are you keeping your wedding plans the same??

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I am not sure if I should tell him on the phone.


The thing is, I have to be up at 4 am to take my criminal justice students to NYC, and I will not be home until late tomorrow night. He will be home then. I really think I should wait until tomorrow night when we are together to tell him. He will embrace it after he gets over the shock. I just know if I tell him on the phone tonight, he will be freaking out.


I didn't use a digital one, just one from First Response. There is another test to use, so I am going to take it, too. And I only put the test in my cart at Target as kind of an afterthought because my boobs had been so weird lately. I really thought I would feel something more if/when I got pregnant. I totally expected to be sick . . .


Ah . . . and I just booked a boudior photo shoot and put down a deposit!!!

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ok if you will see him tomorrow night then i would probably wait too. take the other test, and see what happens, and go to the doc, and then you will know if you have scary-but-good news or funny-thing-happened-on-the-way-to-bed news for him :)

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I would wait til tomorrow.


You will be just fine! don't worry about what drugs your taking (although notify your dr to make sure what you are taking is ok, or if there is something else you can take.) dont worry about sushi its not recommended for raw fish, but the japanese are ok arent they? Caffeine isnt that bad, anywhere from 150-300mg per day is ok. when was the first day of your last period? count 40 weeks from that day, thats your due date more than likely you around 5-6 weeks pregnant now so you'll be around 6 months at your wedding. you'll just need some alterations. We're all here for you and you can always ask for help!

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Home urine pregnancy tests (urine HCG) are very good (sensitive) tests. Assuming you are confident that you are reading the test correctly then most likely you are in fact pregnant. There is no evidence that drinking coffee (in moderation) is dangerous in pregnancy so that is one less thing to worry about. When was the first day of your last menstrual cycle? How long have you been having the sore breasts? What medications do you take? You should definitely discuss those medications with your doctor. Also, if you think you might want to keep the pregnancy I would recommend taking a prenatal vitamin and avoiding alcohol until you make a decision.

Although I think pregnant brides are lovely and radiant it's a good idea to date your pregnancy with your menstrual period and an ultrasound in the first trimester because it's best not to be traveling so far from home in the late third trimester.

I'm sure you and your fiance will come together and make the right decision for the two of you as a family. PM me if you have any questions.

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Even though I realized that this is a bit of a disaster for you, congratulations! (assuming you are in fact pregnant). It sounds like you are ready for a baby, and no matter how crazy your next year is, you'll have a beautiful baby in the end!


Do you have any idea of how long you've possibly been pregnant? If you're only 6 months pregnant for your wedding, I think that's more than fine. If you're going to be 8 months pregnant or something, I would definitely be more concerned about traveling away from home.


My sister was originally going to be about 7 months pregnant for my wedding (it turned out that she couldn't get pregnant as fast as she hoped) and one thing that put her at ease was that I looked into whether or not there was a hospital nearby, or at least a doctor (as it turns out, the hotel owner is a surgeon, and a new hospital was just built close to my hotel). If you look into this sort of thing it'll probably put you at ease, so that if you DO have a problem (which is unlikely) you don't have to worry.


Also don't worry about your parents. Your sister already went through this, so I'm sure your parents will be less livid this time (especially b/c you're older). My parents FREAKED out when my sister moved in with her fiance before they got married, but when I did it they didn't even blink an eye (which incidentally pissed off my sister). At any rate, they'll probably be a bit annoyed, but it's not worth losing sleep over.


I would wait until you do another test before telling your fiance, but I wouldn't wait too long b/c I'm sure talking it through with him will really help your mindset. Just make sure that when you tell him you have time for a nice long conversation.


The main thing is to think happy thoughts and remain positive! Think about marrying the man you love, and having a precious little baby in your arms...this could work out to be the best year of your life!

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I just wanted to ease your fears about the sushi, caffeine, etc. Most girls don't know that they're pregnant until a month or so after they've conceived, so most have drank caffeine, ate sushi, and done all sorts of things like that. My sister just found out she got pregnant on her wedding night--and she had spent her 2 week honeymoon binge drinking and eating sushi! She freaked out, but the doctor laughed it off, and said it happens all the time, and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. So, congratulations! And definitely wait to tell your fiance in person! :)

PS I'm always an advocate of taking the home pregnancy test twice, just to make sure--so yes, I would go ahead and take it!

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