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Stamp Prices Set for Another Hike - WalletPop


This is an FYI for future brides who need to send out STD, Invites, and RSVP cards this spring.


Changes taking effect May 11:

— The price of a first-class stamp will rise 2 cents to 44 cents.

— The postcard stamp increases 1-cent to 28 cents.

— The first ounce of a large envelope increases 5 cents to 88 cents.

— The first ounce of a parcel increases 5 cents to $1.22.

— New international postcard and letter prices are, for one ounce, 75 cents to Canada; 79 cents to Mexico; and 98 cents elsewhere.


Most Postal Service shipping services prices were adjusted in January and will not change in May.


If you do not put a forever rate stamp or the 44 cent stamp on your RSVP cards and the reply date falls after May 11, you may not get responses back. You might want to put your address as the return address.

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it seems like every year now, i think it used to be every few years but not like clockwork, like it is now!

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