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My wedding review of Playa Fiesta Beachclub and Resort

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I still have tears in my eyes from laughing as I watched your first dance video. It was hysterical, and I loved it!!! You two seem like such a fun couple. :)


Thanks for posting a new PF review! I can't wait to see all of your gorgeous pics! HINT HINT! I'm especially glad you liked the hair person. It's the one thing I worry about.



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Originally Posted by Carolyn View Post
Great review. How did you get him to do the first dance? My FI keeps telling me that he will not do something like that. I love your first dance great job.
Coercion, bribery, threats....the usual :) Actually, we'd been thinking about doing a crazy first dance for awhile, but everything I showed DH he thought would be too hard. When we thought about doing something like this, he figured we could actually do it since it doesn't require a lot of actual dance skill. We practiced it a bit, recorded ourselves, and when he figured we didn't look too ridiculous, he agreed we could do it and we started really practicing....people absolutely loved it, especially b/c we hadn't told anyone so it was a complete shock!!

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Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to 2nd Playa Fiesta Beachclub. We just got back from our scouting trip to Mexico, and had an absolutely amazing time at Playa Fiesta. Lindsay and Adam hosted us and showed us the property. Honestly, the food was the best meal we had all trip! It really is amazing food. Being a wedding photographer, I have to say that I've eaten my share of wedding food. And this really blew me away, top notch.


Upon first arriving, I was concerned that being along a main road and also directly on the beach, that there would be the chance for it to be noisy. But once you walk in the doors, and down the steps you're transported to an amazing tranquil spot. It was so incredibly relaxing and amazing. If anyone is considering this spot for a fun but relaxing wedding, I highly recommend it.  Lindsay is so on top of things, and they are really there to make your trip so special. I have the feeling that if you were to get married there, things would be a lot less stressfull than some of the wedding I've worked at.

I'd read some reviews about the beach being rocky, and from what I could see, the water was totally swimable. There's definitely a really nice beach there. Don't feel like you're giving up the beach, because you're right above it, and there's not that many pebbles. And just a short stroll along there were quite a few other beaches to swim in.

Even older family or friends who aren't that keen on Mexico will love this place. The rooms were comfortable to American standards, and all amazing. Staying there would be like having the benefits of a large villa, but with more privacy and 24/hr service.


Either way, I highly recommend Playa Fiesta. You could definitely have a kick as wedding there. In the end however, we opted for a totally different ceremony than planned (with only 25 guests) so we were too small for the location, only being able to fill 12 rooms. But if you wanted to have a wonderful average sized wedding, this place would be awesome that I'm certain that friends and family alike would enjoy.

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