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  1. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to 2nd Playa Fiesta Beachclub. We just got back from our scouting trip to Mexico, and had an absolutely amazing time at Playa Fiesta. Lindsay and Adam hosted us and showed us the property. Honestly, the food was the best meal we had all trip! It really is amazing food. Being a wedding photographer, I have to say that I've eaten my share of wedding food. And this really blew me away, top notch. Upon first arriving, I was concerned that being along a main road and also directly on the beach, that there would be the chance for it to be noisy. But once you walk in the doors, and down the steps you're transported to an amazing tranquil spot. It was so incredibly relaxing and amazing. If anyone is considering this spot for a fun but relaxing wedding, I highly recommend it. Lindsay is so on top of things, and they are really there to make your trip so special. I have the feeling that if you were to get married there, things would be a lot less stressfull than some of the wedding I've worked at. I'd read some reviews about the beach being rocky, and from what I could see, the water was totally swimable. There's definitely a really nice beach there. Don't feel like you're giving up the beach, because you're right above it, and there's not that many pebbles. And just a short stroll along there were quite a few other beaches to swim in. Even older family or friends who aren't that keen on Mexico will love this place. The rooms were comfortable to American standards, and all amazing. Staying there would be like having the benefits of a large villa, but with more privacy and 24/hr service. Either way, I highly recommend Playa Fiesta. You could definitely have a kick as wedding there. In the end however, we opted for a totally different ceremony than planned (with only 25 guests) so we were too small for the location, only being able to fill 12 rooms. But if you wanted to have a wonderful average sized wedding, this place would be awesome that I'm certain that friends and family alike would enjoy.
  2. I'm also not sure on the pricing for the new Ruby Hill, but we photographed an event at Casa Real, Ruby Hill last year and had a great time! We were able to get beautiful vineyard photographs with the couple, and I'm pretty sure that if you book a Friday or Sunday there's a significant discount. You can view the slide show of what a ceremony and Reception in Ruby Hill looks like here. Happy Planning! Dia Dia Rao Photography Dia Rao Photography - Mill Valley - destination wedding photographer www.blog.diarao.com 1-888-222-5982
  3. V. Sattui is such a great rustic location!! We photographed a wedding there last year. Click here to view images of the rustic burgundy reds and rich yellow color florals that the couple went with. As favors, the couple gave away bottles of wine with handmade labels. Also the first few images in this slideshow are of this great 2 bedroom Cottage that you can rent in Downtown Napa. It was the most adorable little house with a beautiful back patio, that definitely beats staying in a hotel. Send me an e-mail if you'd like more info, and I can look up the the name and address. Cheers! Dia Dia Rao Photography www.diarao.com www.blog.diarao.com 1-888-222-5982
  4. As a wedding photographer, I photograph a lot of weddings with and without a WC. I have to say that there are benefits to having a wedding coordinator that if you have the money to spend, it's really worth it. Basically if anything goes wrong on your day, like your sister forgot her shoes at the hotel, or the dj can't find your first song, or a whole group of your guests are late to the ceremony, and there is an un-ended amount of things that can go wrong, people will be coming to you for the answers on what to do. What a "good" wedding coordinator does, is take care of those things for you. So that you get to enjoy your time with your bridesmaids or family before the ceremony, and so that you get to enjoy your reception too. No matter how much planning that you do, or organization, something is bound to come-up on the wedding day that will require your attention. For example, my sister had a really nice wedding, but didn't go with a coordinator, and there was a problem with the lighting that she had to deal with right before the ceremony. Do you really want to be thinking about how to solve an electrical problem on your wedding day? If you hire a coordinator, that's what they do, is solve that problem for you so that you're not. All that said, if you have good vendors, perhaps a dj that is really good with keeping your reception on time, or a photographer that will create a flexible day of timeline for you, and a friend or family member that will be that go to person for you, you can have a wedding without a WC. Good luck! Dia Dia Rao Photography Dia Rao Photography - Mill Valley - destination wedding photographer www.blog.diarao.com 1-888-222-5982
  5. Welcome to the forum! Cancun in December sounds great! Dia Dia Rao Photography www.diarao.com
  6. Hi Kirstie, Congrats and Welcome to the Forum! This is a great place for planning and advice! Cheers, Dia Dia Rao Photography www.diarao.com www.diaraophotography.typepad.com 1-888-222-5982 254 Miller Avenue Mill Valley, California 94941 Become a Fan of Dia Rao Photography on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=50472596610
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