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  1. 21 days to go I think every thing is sorted... well if not oh well All inclusive drink and poll here we come
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by RobynZee We had an amazing wedding, we wouldn't have changed a thing. We were really easy going about everything though, as we didn't have a set idea in mind. We aren't really traditional adn knew that it wouldn't be like a catered at home kind of wedding especially since we weren't paying for the extras. We didn't pay for any of the extras (or even the champagne / cake). Our wedding was in the afternoon, then we took pictures with our wedding party and families then met at the a la carte restaurant for dinner, we had dinner and mingled for maybe a
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2Be21 I'm unsure what type of reception to have, and I know I have lots of time but those of you who did not have or are not having a private reception where did you do your first dance, parent dances, speeches? Any chance of doing this anywhere without a private reception? Any suggestions would be great. Hello I am getting married there next month and we went with the princess package only. I have been told that you can either do your speeches with the champagne and cake or at the A la Carte resturant. Apparently they try and keep you some wh
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by allie Hello, we burnt our music on CDs. :-) Thanks Allie Woo Hoo 4 weeks too go!!! I am getting uber excited
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 You won't have any problems finding a bar open, however you will have to wait for the disco thanks Sasse I am looking forward to it can any one tell me wether I should take a CD or an IPOD for the ceremony music
  6. I am just finalizing my booking now for my wedding on July 27th We will only have about 16 people so pretty small We decided to just do the princess package and have dinner at mama mia Our Dinner is at 6pm I was hoping we could all go dancing some where after Does any one know if the bars/disco's are open that early?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by c and m Does anyone the day fee for the resort? We have a few friends that are staying elsewhere but are coming for the day... Thanks I would also love to know this we may have the same
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AshleyBrendan We are back!! I am going to write a novel here because I have so many good things to say about this resort, our wedding, the service provided by Sandra and Patricia and our super fabulous photograhers from BlueLensCaribe Photography (please see the link at the bottom to see some of our favourite photos...though we ended up with 900 from our photographer lol). Brendan and I were married on November 18, 2009 at the Grand Riviera Princess. It was absolutly PERFECT! Our Packages were the Royalty Package and the Private Beach Party (2009 Package)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 I'd purchased the packages from Northern Safety out of the US in a group order with a couple other girls. The duty charges were a little high in my opinion but we had a few of us to split it so I think the price still worked out okay. Northern Safety If you have someone in the US you could ship to first then it might be even better. I hadn't been able to find a vendor for these located in Canada though either. Another option depending on how many guests you have is just to buy a large sized bottle of the items you want, leave them sealed just to
  10. Thanks.. that makes sense lol yeah I think my bags are getting a bit OTT at the moment Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 AusCan - I like your short form of OTT!! I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that one But I think you're referring to OOT which stands for Out Of Town. I know somewhere in the many threads here there is a huge list of all the acronyms that we all use, which I'm sure you'd find with a quick search. I found it really helpful when I started out and still go back to it once in a while (it's saved on my laptop, not my work computer).
  11. I have been using dollerama and ebay mainly Also been getting bags and pens from Vista print which has been great oh and I have to ask... What does OTT stand for? is it over the top? its been driving me nuts
  12. I have just booked my wedding here for July 27th 2010 I am excited. But I definately have some questions for those of you also plunging here or have. We are doing simple as we dont have the budget for a private beach party or private reception. We are thinking of just going to one of the bars/clubs after dinner for dinner and drinks is/has any one else doing/done this any advice?
  13. Hey Michelle Congrats Can I ask where you did your first dance? We are looking at doing the Italian resturant for the reception and then going to one of the bars after. Not sure how we are going to do the first dance though Or any one who has done... would love to hear how you pulled it off Also what bar do you recommend for dancing etc after?
  14. Hello My name is Kirstie I am getting married on July 29th 2010 We are having it at Grand Princess Riviera, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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