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Do I get a say in my bachelorette?

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#1 lgarner83

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    Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:22 PM

    My sis, who is a bridesmaid as well desperately wants to plan my bachelorette party. It's not for a long time yet (not getting married until Sept) but I'm already worried. She has already mentioned SEVERAL times about getting a stripper or going to the strippers and I am 100% against that. I'm not a prude nor uptight but it's just NOT my thing at all. I seriously would not have fun. My idea of a fun bachelorette is honestly dressing up, going somewhere fun for dinner and then hitting up a club for some drinking and dancing. I'm not into the "last night of freedom" idea, ya know? But everytime I say "no, I seriously do not want a stripper", I get brushed off or laughed at with her saying "too bad!" What do I do

    #2 *tanga*

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      Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:35 PM

      Surely she has more respect for you thanthat. If she wants a stripper so much she should just get one for herself. I am the MOH for my friend in October and she told me that she did not want a stripper either. I am going to respect her wishes. IMO I think that they are tacky.

      Do you have more in the bridal party? Can they intervene? I would just explain to her in no uncertain terms that if she gets a stripper it would ruin you night and that you would simply leave. Failing if you feel so strongly about it, tell her she will be excluded from all wedding pre-celebrations if she won't respect your choice not to have a stripper.

      #3 Kelly C

      Kelly C
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        Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:07 PM

        Lisa, I would sit her down and make it crystal clear of your wishes. My girls asked me what I wanted to do and then they planned fun stuff within that. She should deffinetly respect your wishes.
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        #4 DanielleNDerek

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          Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:44 PM

          My girls asked what i wanted to do and we just got all met at a friends for drinks than went to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was fun. I cant drink a lot anymore without getting sick and i'm usually in bed by 12 so dinner was perfect.

          I would do what kelly said, sit her down tell her what you want and that you dont want male strippers and if she hired one it would ruin your bachlorette party.
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          #5 soon2bePowers

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            Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:47 PM

            I am somewhat having the same issue. I am not a big drinker by any means and my BM's know that but at least one of them has said but you really need to just let go and drink a bunch. Only problem with that is that is not really me and I don't really enjoy it. Why would I go into something knowing that I won't enjoy it.

            I plan to talk with all my BM's about what I want, hopefully if you do the same they will respect your wishes.

            #6 lgarner83

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              Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:50 PM

              I hope you're all right and she listens. I think that she doesn't think that I'm being serious, ya know? Like I'm saying that I don't but that I really do. It's frustrating, I think I'm going to send them all an email so that everyone is clear on what I want and what I don't want!!

              #7 Jen_S

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                Posted 11 February 2009 - 11:09 AM

                I think you should say how you feel. I am actually planning my own which is sad we are leaving in less then 2 weeks and nothing has been planned so me and a couple of friends are planning it.
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