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  1. The difference is she is your future bil's girlfriend. He obviously loves her so you could at least include her in a couple of pictures. You never know she might be your sil one day...
  2. we have less than a month to go and my sister and fh's brother are now unable to come. The reason we chose out DW in the first place is because if it was local we would have 200 of our "closest friends" want to come. by having it overseas it means that the people who really love and care about us will be there - everyone had over a year to make the necessary arrangements
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by brookedanielle Jennifer - Chairless ceremonys do happen. I am a chairless ceremony bride myself. In my opinion, it comes down to how badly you want the chairs. If it's what you want, it doesn't really matter what the officiant thinks of how the chairs will settle in the sand etc. Always keep in mind its YOUR wedding! The cost factor may be the make or break on that decision. Toni - I am in the same boat. As much as I wanted chairs... the cost is just ridiculous. What I've seen is about $5-10 per chair plus at least a $200 setup fee. I can't justify it. My issue is... How will my guests all see though? What if my 6'2" brother blocks my 4'9" best friend's view? I've got about 30 guests and this stupid chair issue seems to be what is stressing me out the most. I am the same - It is one thing my FH doesn't deem necessary. I want all of my guests to be able to see and to sit down if they want to. I just ordered 10 extra chairs (we are having a marquee and self catering) and Ill set them up in a semi circle so that there is at least an aisle of sorts and that people can sit down if they want to.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by nicitica Tanga, did you post a photo? I must have missed it. what page is it on? i just went through this entire forum. I'm now on a hunt for my TTD dress. I ordered my dress from Macy's for $3000 and I think it's a lot of money so i dont want to trash it. It's on page 30
  5. My dress is a Maggie destinations replica. I tried it on in the shop. The funny thing is that the real and the fakey both would have needed the exact same alterations.
  6. *tanga*

    Hello hello!

    Hello and welcome! Hope your planning goes smoothly
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Vallarta_2009 Hey Tanga, do they send you pictures of some of the work they've done that is similar to what you ordered? I'm really tempted to order my dress through them but am also really scared that it will be nothing like what I wanted.... Help! You can ask them to if you like. I had ordered a dress for a work formal event to suss them out. It was beautifully lined and great quality so I haven't worried about getting a pic.
  8. I just went with best quality. I am still paying less than one quarter of the price had I ordered it in a bridal store. Also my dress has so much beading I didn't mind paying extra for it.
  9. If you go on their home page- scroll down the bottom and there is an email address you can email them. Just let them know what you want and they will let you know the price. They price it in us dollars (I am from Australia) and you can send your measurements and go from there. I ordered mine in august. I can't believe it's nearly here!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KJT1985 Has anybody bought a dress with intricate beading? This is the only part i'm slightly worried about....I don't mind if it's not exact I just don't want it really far off so that it's not even the same effect. Thanks guys! Yep - I ordered this one from Duosheng the whole bodice is beaded and I am excited/freaking out as it arrives this month. I will post pics once I have it.
  11. Just tell people you are keeping it low key and don't want a huge bridal party. If they get upset - explain that they should have your best interests at heart. that is exactly what I did.
  12. There is nothing worse than dodgy diy. Can you whip up some vista print postcards or something? Good luck....
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