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any advice on somethin that WORKS?

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#21 Christinamaria22

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    Posted 12 February 2009 - 12:33 AM

    So phase one of south beach diet is just cutting down carbs and sugar or cutting them out COMPLETELY? Can u give me some pointers of what phase one is all about?

    #22 flygirl

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      Posted 12 February 2009 - 12:49 PM

      I know it's been mentioned before, but P90X is amazing! It's really hard, but it does give you results. There are 12 dvd's for the whole set. It comes with a schedule that tells you what dvd to do on what day. They are about an hour each. You will need a resistance band (or weights, but a resistance band is cheaper) and a chair.
      The whole series has both cardio and resistance exercises, so if you stick with the schedule, you won't need to add any additional cardio or anything.
      Also, I was watching the Grammy's the other night and Sheryl Crow was being interviewed on the red carpet...they asked her how she stays so fit and she said a friend turned her on to this great dvd called P90X!
      I was so excited that Sheryl Crow is doing the same workout as me

      #23 missdanelle

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        Posted 12 February 2009 - 01:19 PM

        I seen that too about P90x and Cheryl Crow.. I have the dvds and did them religiously for a few weeks they definately kick your butt and in turn you will see results. I need to start them up again its just hard to find time

        #24 YaelM


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          Posted 12 February 2009 - 02:06 PM

          This is great info! I just bought Bob's (from biggest loser) weight loss Yoga DVD and a Pilates Weight loss DVD just started them last week but they are both pretty challenging so it def makes you feel like you are getting a good work out. I mix those in with cardio and free weights as well as a pole fitness class. The pole class is SO much fun and helps build a lot of confidence, in just a couple months i can already invert and climb up a pole - something I never thought Id be able to do :) I think food is my biggest challenge, Im trying hard to cut cheese out and white flour

          #25 Royal_lady10

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            Posted 12 February 2009 - 03:06 PM

            Originally Posted by Christinamaria22
            So phase one of south beach diet is just cutting down carbs and sugar or cutting them out COMPLETELY? Can u give me some pointers of what phase one is all about?
            The first phase is somewhat restrictive. You eliminate all sugars and carbs (breads, sugars, sweets, rice, potatos, carrots.. see the link) for 10 days. But you are able to eat until you are full from veggies and lean protiens. My typical meals were as follows:
            Breakfast-V8, boiled egg and 2 piece of bacon
            Snack- 10 peanuts
            Lunch-Salad with grilled chicken or tuna light dressing
            Dinner-grilled fish with brocoli
            Snack-Sugar free Jello.. THis is what I did for ten days. and sometimes i still do it.. just to "clean" out my system. But if you follow the link, it breaks it down listing the foods that you can have during phase 1, what foods to include during phase 2, etc..
            This was restrictive to me because I LOVE fruits and breads.. so, I just do a modified version of it.

            South Beach Diet for Beginner

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